Getting a hug from a jacket

Autistic children may get distressed by simple things as loud noises and new faces. When they cannot cope, they go into fits or have tantrums, which hamper learning and disrupts regular daily activities. T.Ware is a start-up company, developing the T.Jacket to help these children, their parents, teachers and therapists. On March 1, 2012, at Matrix @ Biopolis in Singapore, T.Ware pitched T.Jacket at DEMO Asia 2012, Asia Pacific’s launchpad for emerging technology and trends.

Research has shown that deep touch calms autistic children. The T.Jacket is an integrated therapy management device that allows caregivers to record and transmit controlled and customized deep pressure touch, similar to a hug, to children. This feature is extremely important as different children respond to different pressure profiles. It also allows a single caregiver to record and send deep touch to help multiple children. This is particularly useful in a classroom scenario where a teacher handles a group of children. T.Ware have already established a collaboration with the Autism Association of Singapore.

Key features of the T.Jacket include:
• Supports an Interface between caregivers and autistic children, and allows pressure points and pressure levels to be set easily and remotely, when needed.
• Allows a single caregiver to provide deep touch stimulation to multiple children.
• The T.Jacket can record and playback touch-based stimulation.
• Simple smartphone / tablet app to provide a one-touch therapy

The technology for the T.Jacket originated when the company’s founder, James Teh, was doing his PhD research at the National University of Singapore. This technology has been funded by CUTE Center and NUS Enterprise’s Xtra Chapter Challenge. The T.Jacket is currently still in development phase, and T.Ware expect to move into production by the end of 2012. In addition to being used as a therapy for autism, T.Ware are looking to produce targeted application products in other areas, including gaming, elderly care and personal communication.

Says James, Founder of T.Ware, “With the T.Jacket, we plan to enter a US$1 billion global market. Currently, we are looking for potential trial users and their parents, therapists and experts in the area of autism. We are also looking for investors to help us make this powerful tool available to autistic children worldwide.”

To know how does the jacket works in action, watch the video which is uploaded by Wei Liang on Vimeo at http://www.vimeo.com/37665620/

About T.Ware

Since 2006, T.Ware has been developing touch technology to transform the way people communicate. Their ITX™ technology consists of hardware and software tools that can both detect and reproduce touch in a calm, relaxing and gentle manner. Our revolutionary haptic platform can be applied in the areas of therapy, personal communication and gaming.