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Generating Ideas Conference to Inspire Entrepreneurs to Design Innovative Work Processes

Malaysia’s aspiring and budding creative entrepreneurs are invited to gather alongside with industry practitioners in Kuala Lumpur on August 2 at PJ Live Arts for Generating Ideas @ Kuala Lumpur, a programme that enable participants to generate new ideas and explore creative business opportunities in Malaysia whilst networking.

A workshop will be conducted to provide entrepreneurs useful information on the must-haves in pitching proposals and tips on what venture capitalists look. Participants will also be introduced to jargons often used by investors.

The programme will feature a one-of-a-kind idea generation networking platform, Discovery Café, which stimulates an average of 100 creative ideas from participants. Discovery Café was held in Generating Ideas, Creative Cebu and Generating Ideas @ Jakarta in March and July this year respectively.


Shelda Alni, 26, aspiring entrepreneur from Jakarta, commented, “This is a very interesting platform especially for those in the creative industries or those who is planning to start one. Love the Discovery Café because we are able to explore new ideas whilst interacting with other attendees.”

Diyson Ezer Kharisma, 28, Creative Director of Kare Indonesia, commented, “Generating Ideas @ Jakarta is a well-conceputalised programme that is interesting, fun, inspiring and interactive. It stimulates our creativity and helps expand our network concurrently.”

Generating Ideas @Kuala Lumpur is a lead up to Asia on the Edge held annually in Singapore that aims to aggregate creative entrepreneurs and arts practitioners with the aim of incubating new ideas and trends from Asia and of Asian origins.

Generating Ideas @ Asia on the Edge 2012 will feature breakout sessions that will highlight the development of creative hotspots sectors and industries in Asia, and expound on possible business collaborations amongst the creative industries in Asia. It also includes a pitching platform – Pitch It! –  which looks for ideas from Asia’s creative industries that have yet to be realised or are in the early development stage and have the potential for further development. Entrepreneurs and practitioners from the design, culture and media industries in Asia who have avant-garde ideas can pitch to win SGD$10,000 and get the chance to be incubated by investors.

For more information about Generating Ideas and Asia on the Edge, visit the official website at www.asiaontheedge.com.