Mark Zuckerberg

Gen-Y An Entrepreneurial Generation: 101 Facts about The Boom of Young Entrepreneurs

From Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, to the Founders of Twitter and Groupon, it is no surprise where people tend to call the ‘Gen-Y’ a generation of aspiring entrepreneurs and global leaders. Question is, how many of them eventually succeeded in their pursuits in entrepreneurship? Are the Gen-Y talents really entrepreneurial enough to create large scale companies at today’s business climate?

Thanks to, we have compiled a series of infographics, highlighting the Facts that you would need to know about Gen-Y talents and about how they earned their name as the ‘Most Entrepreneurial Generation’ yet.

Perhaps because of their familiarity with technology, social media and doing things via the wired world, they would have invented a new environment which would allow them to thrive and become entrepreneurs. They no longer rely or limit their entrepreneurial dreams to Brick and Mortar (Traditional Businesses), but rather, are using technology to quickly launch their respective startups in the matter of days.