Franchise Business Opportunities in Malaysia

Franchise Business Opportunities for Entrepreneurs in Malaysia

Franchise Business Opportunities or Franchising can be an attractive entrepreneurial platform for entrepreneurs to start their ventures in Malaysia. Owning a franchise would mean that the entrepreneur just needs to follow a set of systems set by the franchisors and would not need to invest substantial resources to build their brand or market presence. It can be a cash-cow if done right!


Are Franchise Business Opportunities with Lower Risk and a Higher Rate of Success?

As you might be looking for a chance of picking a vibrant franchise brand with great potential, this seminar will provide you a profitable business model and essential thinking patterns to manage a franchise business. In this seminar, you will also be benefiting from the speakers about the effective ways of managing business growth and understanding the potential of converting your business into a franchise.

All About Franchising Seminar
Date: 7 May 2013 (Tuesday)
Time: 9am – 5pm 
Venue: MSC Malaysia Technology Commercialisation Centre, MMU, Cyberjaya.
Admission Fee: 

We believe that franchising is one of the fastest ways to create entrepreneurs and increase the number of middle-class entrepreneurs. Franchise Business Opportunities are everywhere but rather difficult to pick one casino online that suits you best. Being one of the important sectors for the growth of economy output, many of our home-grown franchise brands have emerged strongly from the domestic and foreign markets. WE WANT YOU TO BE THE NEXT! MAD Incubator Sdn Bhd & Smart Franchise Partner Sdn Bhd

Franchise Opportunities in Malaysia
Franchise Opportunities in Malaysia

Session 1: “Converting Your Business Into a Franchise”
8:30 am – Registration
9:10 am – Introduction on Franchising
10:10 am – Break
10:30 am – Converting Your Business Into a Franchise
12:30 pm – Networking Session

Session 2: “Analyzing a Good Franchise Before You Invest”
1:30 pm – Registration
2:10 pm – Introduction on Franchising
3:10 pm – Break
3:30 pm – Is Franchising for You?
4:30 pm – How to Analyze a Good Franchise?
5:30 pm – Networking Session

To learn more about Franchise Business Opportunities, please register here. is proud to be a supporting partner for MAD Incubator”s efforts to spearhead the movement of Entrepreneurship in Malaysia.