Founder of Lim Kok Wing university inducted into the Life-time Malaysian Achievement Hall of Fame

From setting up his own creative agency at the age of 29 years old, to building a global education empire (Lim Kok Wing university) specialized in arts, communication and public relations, Tan Sri Dr. Lim Kok Wing’s efforts for the country and his contributions as an entrepreneur were cemented into the Malaysian Achievement Awards’ Life-Time Achievers and Hall of Fame.

In our search to learn more about this iconic Malaysian entrepreneur, a few questions posed by The Star in their interview with Tan Sri Dr. Lim Kok Wing 2 years ago, would best explain the drive that this daring entrepreneur posses and how he created an international educational empire from our Malaysian grounds.

What motivates you? Louis Liong, Kuching

I want to do as much as I can to bring education to those who need it within the shortest possible time. I want to help as many countries as possible to become more competitive in a highly globalised environment. Poor countries are falling behind rapidly because the more advanced countries are increasing their lead through innovation. The game is changing and a fundamental building block is empowered human capital that all countries have to build in order to progress their economies. Countries cannot rely on traditional modes of education to build advantage because these outdated systems don’t have the mechanisms to unlock the wealth trapped in the minds of their youths.

Essentially, it is about “designing the graduate”. That means putting in the processes that will create this graduate. That is the true meaning of education.

For the full interview from The Star’s 10 Questions segment, do have a look here

Lastly, we also encourage you to visit Tan Sri Dr. Lim Kok Wing’s website, which does the best job in illustrating his celebrated career, both as an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. And on a personal note, the design on the website is actually really nice.

It is a no brainer that the Malaysian Achievement Awards in its 1st year would honour the accomplishment of such a celebrated personality. No doubt, there are other successful entrepreneurs in our country who have achieved and given back much to the society, but recognizing an entrepreneur who had lifted Malaysia in the scene of Arts, Culture and Communication to a global level, is indeed a story that needs to be documented in the archives of the Hall of Fame of high-achieving Malaysians.

According to the organizing Chairman, Datuk Seri Azman Ujang, said Malaysia Achievement, a non-governmental body, wanted to recognise the efforts of those who had reached the peak of their endeavours, setting Malaysia’s name and image on the world stage for outstanding achievements.