is BACK in 2009 2009 is South-East-Asia’s largest grassroots Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) event. It is our second such conference – we aim for this to be an annual event bringing together professionals and enthusiasts from Malaysia, South-East-Asia and the rest of the world for a two day grassroots driven FOSS conference.

We’ve got an excellent line up: 4 keynote speakers, 28 great talks and 8 Bird-of-Feather side sessions.

Richard Stallman (rms), the father of Free Software, will be keynoting on Free Software Movement, GNU software and GNU/Linux. There will be a substantial Q&A session where you can ask him your questions and even get an autograph. We’re arranging for Free Software Foundation merchandise to be sold so you can show your support for the FSF.

Secondly, Brian Aker will keynoting on Drizzle and MySQL database
engines. He is currently a Distinguished Engineer at Sun Microsystems
and was previously the Director of Architecture at MySQL AB. He
kick-started the Drizzle Project, an important fork of MySQL 6 which
jointly developed by Google, Canonical & Sun. He has also worked on
MySQL storage engines (Archive, Federated, Memcached, CSV, Blackhole &
WebMethods (HTTP) Storage Engine).
Our two Malaysia keynotes will be opening and closing the conference,

John Lim is our opening keynote. He is the principle author of the
ADOdb database abstraction library, an extremely widely used web
infrastructure software, and it started right here in

Dr Yusseri Yusoff is our closing keynote. He has done amazing amounts
of “behind-the-scenes” work in pushing through FOSS within the public
sector and industry in Malaysia. He was instrumental in kicking off
the Open Source Competency Center (OSCC) and many other FOSS
government and private sector initiatives.

All in all, we have also got more international participation this time around:

* James Morris (author of the kernel Crypto API, contributor to
SELinux, LSM, Netfilter and IPsec)
* Pradeepto (KDE hacker and co-founder of KDE India)
* Harish Pillay (Fedora community, Open Source Architect/Evangelist
RedHat Singapore)
* Harish Mallipeddi (Performance Engineering team, Yahoo! R&D India)
* Giuseppe Maxia (MySQL community)
* Pia Waugh (previously on Board of Directors of OPLC Australia and
ex- President of Linux Australia)

Of course, Malaysian FOSS hackers will be present in full force.
Redhuan Oon of ADempiere ERP fame, Nur Hussein on running Linux on Big
Iron machines, Kris Khaira on Drupal, Errazuddin on Zend Framework,
Mohan on Tomboy Web Sync, and many more will be presenting.

Check out the conference schedule:

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