Former retail shopping giant TESCO CEO Sir Terry Leahy to Speak about Leadership for GEC

Leading the world”s 2nd largest retailer, transforming it from a family-owned chains of grocery stores into a retail juggernaut around the globe is no easy feat. It comes with leadership and that is exactly what former CEO of TESCO, Sir Terry Leahy will be speaking about the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in the Liverpool Echo Arena, Liverpool, England this 13th of March.

Noting about his transformational leadership style had helped me to build a company culture where his staffs are productive, efficient and resourceful in keeping the prices of essential goods low for the interest of the consumers, to forming TESCO as a service brand where employees in the outlets are conditioned to be customer friendly.

Timely leadership tips and practical examples that can be used by entrepreneurs and growing businesses to not only increase profits from repeated sales, but also to inculcate a healthy work environment for both casino online employees and a great business experience with the customers.

As i am already in Liverpool to attend the summit in the next few days, i am proud that i have met Sir Terry Leahy once before in London, and yes, for a corporate icon of his stature in the UK and around the globe, his leadership lessons are ones that we need to look out for. But fear not, here is the best and shortest video i can find about him, sharing his leadership wisdom.

The Global Entrepreneurship Congress is an annual event, organised by the Kauffman Foundation and presented by Liverpool Vision this year in England, as a platform to unite entrepreneurs from all around the world.