Foodpanda Story: From Young Corporate Malaysian to Young Entrepreneur

From a corporate young professional of a multinational bank, into a young entrepreneur solving a very ‘Hungry’ problem among metropolitan Malaysian consumers. In this special series, we take a look at an interesting story of a journey of a young Malaysian entrepreneur, who first ventured into the banking industry, did extremely well but decided to take the leap into entrepreneurship.

It is often said that an entrepreneur solves problems.

Funny thing is that throughout my corporate career, I have always been solving problems. This is why I believe that anybody can be an entrepreneur – it’s all about solving the right problems.

The Right Problem

When I had a Skype chat with one of the co-founders and heard about the idea of setting up a food ordering website, I was intrigued. In fact, just last year I was supposed to be part of a location based food website / application project with a few bright upstart youths. Unfortunately, the plan fizzled out despite already securing the domain.

It was as if it was meant to be and I was given a second chance to bring out the ideas I had to this new project.

After a face to face meeting with another co-founder, I was smitten.

I can totally relate to the problem -having worked till 3am in my previous job and not being given a decent choice to order something decent to eat online and just settling for  the tried and tested “mainstream” food. Also, having lunch meetings but just settling to order food via very user unfriendly websites, this was actually a good problem worth solving.

Leap of Faith

I took the leap of faith to leave my secure bank job – leaving behind my hard earned bonus and the stability of climbing the corporate ladder – to setting up a team of young and bright individuals with my Estonian counterpart.

Many told me I was crazy to have left at such a time and that I could at least have taken my bonus before leaving. Some say it was foolish leaving such a stable respected profession – with an above average salary, generous perks and a bright future ahead. But as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained. The prospect of changing the way Malaysians perceive food delivery and my main task in marketing the behavior of ordering food online – was too good a challenge not to let go. I have also always wanted to try out life in a startup – with more flexibility and less red tape.

New Beginnings

It has been almost two months and I have not looked back since. We started off with no tables and chairs almost two months ago and only my Estonian counterpart holding the fort – to now a team of 11 (and growing) and an up and running website ready to satisfy hungry web surfers online.

This is only the beginning. We hope to acquire even more restaurants and cover more areas – giving our customers more choices in terms of cuisines and food variety. We hope to help our partner restaurant garner in more sales and get Malaysians to have the habit of ordering food online. Soon, we will have mobile applications across all platforms and other more exciting things to look out for.

Foodpanda strives to be the best food delivery platform in Asia and is currently available in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines.  All I can say being a Marketer is “Watch This Space, Foodpanda is here to stay”.


The Story will be a series of stories contributed by the Malaysian representative and branch founder, Sidney Ng in his efforts to inspire more professionals to consider entrepreneurship and to become entrepreneurs as an alternate lifestyle.

Credit and special thanks to Sidney Ng.

Sidney Ng is the Marketing Director of Malaysia. He was previously from the agriculture and retail banking industry. For more details or for internships / career opportunities with Foodpanda Malaysia, kindly email [email protected]