Follow Friday: Meet Ups in Kuala Lumpur You Should Go

Networking can be a hard especially you are new to it. The biggest problem is going to events where you meet a bunch of people looking very formal and you don’t know if you can fit in. Well, you do not have to fret as there are quite a few informal and interesting meet ups that will make you feel at home because the awesome people there. Here are 3 gatherings out of many that I would highly recommend you to go. I have also listed some interesting people to meet if you decide to visit. They people are friendly and will be glad to help you if you are new to the scene and that would be a great place to start to know the rest of the people in the gathering.

Social Media Club KL

Name: Social Media Club Kuala Lumpur
Frequency: Monthly but depending on organizers’ timing
Why?: If you are interested in digital marketing and social media, this is the place to meet enthusiasts of social media platform such as Facebook and Twitter. The organizers will usually schedule some speakers to share their insights about leveraging on digital media.
Who you’ll meet?: From public relation folks to socialmedia consultants to fun folks who loves social media.


This gathering you get to meet people such as the very giant @lightyoruichi (New Media Associate), @thechannelc (one of the people organizing SMCKL) and the very friendly @aprilyim.

Live and Inspire Series
Live and Inspire

Name: Live and Inspire Series
Frequency: Once every two week and run for around 10 session per season.
Why: According to their page, Live & Inspire is a platform of growth, fun and possibilities. We facilitate discoveries and celebrate human potential.
Who you’ll meet?: From politicians to social entrepreneurs, you get to meet some of the coolest doers, movers and shakers around Malaysia.

Tim Fernandez

Find @timfernandez who runs the show and pratically knows everyone in the event.

Team Third Thursday

Name: TeAM Third Thursday (T3)
Frequency: Almost every 3rd Thursday except if there is a major holiday.
Why: Technopreneurs Association Malaysia or TeAM is a major force behind the ICT industry in Malaysia and with T3, TeAM showcases leaders in Malaysia technology sectors such as founders of Jobstreet, MOL and many more.
Who you’ll meet?: It is a great place to meet investors and fellow technology focused entrepreneurs.

Mentor and Advisor to TeAM
Dr. Siva

Definitely look out for @docsiva, who is the co-founder of TeAM and have been instrumental in help pushing the ICT agenda in Malaysia. He is very knowledgable in the funding scene and most TeAM entrepreneurs including myself value his wisdom a lot.

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