Follow Friday: Malaysian Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter

Twitter is such a big thing in Malaysia that our very own Prime Minister @najibrazak been advocating its benefits. As an avid Twitter user himself, he has around 31 thousands followers and updated his status 1024 times as of this article.

As one of his more recent update states there are 9 Malaysian firms who are listed under the Forbes Best Under A Billion, we shall look at some entrepreneurs and business tycoons in Malaysia that you should follow on twitter.

Tony Fernades
His Bio States: CEO of AirAsia, Founder of Tune Group, Loyal West Ham fan, Principal of Lotus F1 team; Entrepreneur; Dreamer
Why you should follow him: There is no excuse for not knowing who Tony is and the companies he runs. He tweets about his experiences with Lotus F1 and some stuff on AirAsia.

Jason Lo
His Bio States: Musician, Rocker, Producer, Tune Talk CEO, Rock The World, Chelsea fan, love everybody and Kit Kat.
Why you should follow him: From his days singing Evening News to CEO of Tune talk, Jason is someone who has been involved with many projects such as MyTeam a football reality show and not forgetting his effort in promoting local musical talents with Rock the World series.

Bob Chua
His Bio States: Entrepreneur, investor, mentor, blogger, marketer, biker, cigar chomper, tiger, sailor and owner of
Why you should follow him: Founder of Pulsegroup which went from startup to public listed company in 18 month, Bob is the poster child of MSC Malaysia. (you can literally see his huge poster at MSC HQ). He is also an angel investor and recently founded Virtuous Investment Circle.

Kid Chan
His Bio States: Entrepreneur, photographer, blogger listed in 100 People You Must Know In Asia, KIDCHAN is available for commission worldwide. I eat fried frogs:)
Why you should follow him: Photographers of the celebrities and celebrity photographer, Kid Chan is a regular in the Twitterverse.

Brian Wong
His Bio States: The Meandering Tweets of a Serial Entrepreneur, Blogger and Fun-Seeker.
Why you should follow him: One of the co founders of Catcha and now he is a motivational and internet marketing guru. He is very into the Law of Attraction ala The Secret.

Patrick Grove
Patrick Grove
His Bio States: Entrepreneur.Online.Media.Asia
Why you should follow him: Patrick has been in the online and publishing scene for a long time with the formation of Catcha Corp, one of Malaysia earlier dotcom company. Currently Catcha runs magazine such as Juice and Stuff. He is also sits at the board of director for

Peter Pek
His Bio States: Founder of Social Media management startup @Sociax, Reality TV Judge, Radio Talk Show Host & Rotarian
Why you should follow him: Peter Pek was the judge of the Firm(an Apprentice clone) and a PR guru. His recent interest includes social media and how to utilize it for business.

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