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First Impression of Nexus S

What is the Nexus series? Basically, as Google’s anointed phone for the year, this is the phone Google will put it’s branding behind a consumer device. They have so far done this 3 times with the G1 and Nexus One which are both built by HTC and now the Nexus S which Google have partnered with Samsung.

What I liked about the phone so far?

The 1 gig humming bird processor is snappy. It makes the Nexus One which is my primary phone feels sluggish.
There are also a lot of improvement to the display which spot a larger 4 inch displayed which is called the Contour Display. It has a resolution of 800 x 480 curved Super AMOLED and the best thing about it is not how sharp the images are, but it allows for better viewing under the bright Malaysian sun(the Nexus One is almost unviewable under the sun).

The Nexus S also don’t have any customized launcher and left it with a vanilla flavored Android user interface which I prefer.

The battery life seem to be a bit better but we have yet to stress test it properly with my regular routine of downloading podcast and listening to it on the phone.

There is also a front facing camera and near field communication or NFC which I have yet to find any application to use it.

On the down side.

The overall built of the phone seem a bit fragile and it does not have the solid feeling and finishing of the Nexus One of most HTC Android devices.

There is a lack of consistency in the phone design where the on and off button are at the right side of the phone while the search and the home button have been switched compare to the Nexus One. I thought Google would have tried to keep the user interface consistant.

The other thing which I find a bit annoying is the fact, the audio jack is located below.

This is the preliminary findings and we will be bringing you more test case of the Nexus S as part of the Maxis10 program.

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