First Batch of Google Hackaton Developers from Malaysia

By now, some of you might have received  a notification that you have been selected to join the Google’s First Hackaton in South East Asia this 28th Oct. 

Since there more request to participate. We have open up the registration to until this 22nd October. 

If you have been selected and have any queries, drop me a note at daniel at

Below are the short profiles of the Google Engineers who will be conducting the hackaton. The participants of this hackaton will be able to learn a lot from engineers especially about Google based API.


Jason Costa

Jason has been a Technical Programs Manager at Google since 2005. He’s worked on several products at the company, including Google Analytics, the Google Checkout API, and OpenSocial. Jason likes to help developers find innovative solutions to complex problems, and believes in APIs & the open web. He graduated with a degree in CS from USC, and is currently working from the Google China office in Beijing.


Patrick Chanezon 

Patrick has been a Developer Advocate at Google since 2005. He has built and grown developer ecosystems for OpenSocial, Checkout and AdWords. Previously he has worked on portals, blogs and syndication feeds at Sun Microsystems, AOL and Netscape. He’s the co-founder of the ROME – Atom and RSS utilities in java open source project and the OSSGTP (Open Source Get Together Paris) group.


Pamela Fox

Pamela is the Developer Programs Engineer for the Google Maps API. She graduated from USC with her CS masters, where she helped grow the video games department and dabbled in the 3d animation and linguistics departments. She enjoys helping developers innovate with the Maps API and combine it with many of Google’s other amazing APIs.


Conway Chen

Conway has been at Google since 2005 and is a member of New Business Development. Working together with product, engineering and management teams, he has helped introduce and foster a number of new product initiatives and is currently focused on doing the same within the Greater China and SE Asia region. Prior to his time working in business development, Conway was an attorney focusing on venture capital and private company representation at a leading Silicon Valley law firm.


Bruno Rovagnati – Globant

Bruno is a social networks guru at Globant as well as an expert on cloud computing. He joins us all live all the way from Buenos Aires, Argentina! Bruno has worked extensively with the Google Checkout API, and is an active contributor to Shindig – an open-source reference implementation of the OpenSocial spec. Bruno graduated from Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires.



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