Finding Part Timers to Grow Your Business

One of the biggest challenge of growing a company is definitely human resource. Either you looking for waiters for your restaurants or promoters for your business during a trade show, getting the right part timers does make a lot of different.

Here are some basic you should take notice when you engage a part timer.

Treat part timers like permanent staff.
As most cases, these part timers represent your company, do share with them the vision and your identity of your company. If not it will just create a confusions for your customers.

Provide proper supervision
Do allocate yourself or a staff to provide guidance for these part timers as they will not have all the answer or solution when being questioned by your customers.

Find Gems in part timers.
Some of these part timers are great talents and they will make a good addition to your team. Do look at them as opportunities to hire.

On a related note, coming this 6th and 7th July 2009. will be organizing a Trade and Career Fair together with KBU and do make your way to the OVAL in One Utama, Bandar Utama.

This event is designed for recruiters to meet with their potential job seekers both full time and part time.
This is an event supported by Malaysia Entrepreneurs and Youth Entrepreneurs Malaysia.

For more details visit .

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