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Had a fun April Fool

Sadly, as much as we like Gwen to be in Malaysia, she taking on the position of MYE’s Chief Editor is just an April’s Fool prank. You can read about her comment at SgE.

Other pranks online includes, Jason Calacanis’ which includes interesting web2.0 perfume scents such as Humility by Calacanis and Modesty by Michael Arrington of Techcrunch.

In Malaysia, our friends at Foldees had fun with their Rollees, the toilet paper version of the Foldees cards.

What was your prank for April’s Fool? Send them to us at editor [at]

Malaysia Entrepreneurs’ New Chief Editor

We are pleased to announce, Gwendolyn Tan of Singapore will be taking on the position of Chief Editor for Malaysia Entrepreneurs(MyE). She is currently the Chief Editor of Singapore Entrepreneurs (SgE).


Her duties with MyE will officially start on 1st of May but according to Gwen, she can’t wait to start her work with Malaysia Entrepreneurs. She will be spending 4 days of her week over in KL to run day-to-day editorial and operational duties as we expand the team of Malaysia Entrepreneurs. At the same time she will still maintain the position of Chief Editor of SgE for the foreseeable future.

SgE founder, Bernard Leong and myself, Daniel CerVentus believe this is a great step in the right direction as there has been talks of merging SgE and MyE. Both sites have a great informal working relationship and by being the Chief Editor on both sides, Gwen will be able to better create synergies between Singapore and Malaysia entrepreneurs.

Due to recession, a lot of professionals are seeking to be entrepreneurs and it has caused MyE to grow rapidly. MyE sees a great need to import great talents like Gwen to grow the company. She brings with her a fantastic track record of helping SgE to establish itself as the top destination for entrepreneurship in Singapore.

When asked as to why she decided on working in Malaysia and with MyE, Gwen said ” I’m thinking of settling down in Malaysia someday because of my Peranakan heritage. Also the islands in Malaysia are really beautiful and looking forward to spend some time over there.

How to Market Your Events Online (ie BarCampKL)

If you are into event organizing the online world has make it really easy to market your events.
It allows you to zero in on your target at their popular hangout locations.

For those entrepreneurs have been to the first BarCamp Malaysia, Start-up camp, BarCamp JB and more? Here are some techniques we used to create a whole buzz about our community events.

1. Facebook Events Invite.
Facebook events page a great tools to get people to sign up or at least take notice of your events.
Just Invite your friends and this allows your friends to share with their friends over their Facebook Feed.
People with similar interest will take notice of the event and find out more themselves.

2. Twitter Hashtags.
Twitter is a really simple messaging tool that has become a whole lot more for its users. Adding the character “#” to the front of the keyword. For example to track the whole BarCampKL, we are gonna use #barcampkl when we are referring anything barcampkl related tweets.

3. Embedded Badges
It is also very effective to allow attendees or supporters of your events to post up badges at their own site to promote the event.

Make it easy from them to cute an paste some codes from your site without needing them to upload the pictures themselves. Below are some of the BarCampKL examples.

BarCampKL I’m So There Embded Logo 125×125
Copy the code and paste in your blog

BarCampKL I’m There Embded Logo 250×250

Copy the code and paste in your blog

4. Blogger’s Kit
You might have heard of press kit for Media and a blogger’s kit is essentially the same idea. You have a write up of the events, images, stats and how would you like to be linked back.

A good example would be write up we set up for BarCampKL and this will be sent to bloggers.
Remember bloggers would no need to follow everything word by word but it helps to provide something they can cut and paste.

We hope you learn something about marketing your events online and if you want to practice, help the community spread the word out of BarCampKL on this 4th and 5th April 2009 in Inti Subang and remember to register yourself.

For web2.0 marketing tips we will do a session in BarCampKL.

Looking For Funding For Your Business?

Then the MVCA Showcase is the right event for you.

Malaysia Venture Capitalist Association is organizing it’s 6th Showcase which will bring about VC and Private Equity with the Entrepeneurs together with the objective to increase deal flow.

Held bi-annually, this event allows entrepreneurs from all around the world to pitch their business to members of MVCA in the showcase itself for funding.

There will be a selection process and dateline of submission is on the 15 of March 2009.

Successful applicants will get…

  1. An opportunity to meet local and regional venture capital and private equity investors who are looking forward to funding new deals
  2. A 15 minutes pitching slot to a boardroom of investors, followed by 5 minutes of Q&A
  3. One month free advertisement on MVCA’s website

Visit here for more details and to sign up.

Capital Investment Map of Singapore

Our friend Meng Wong held a session in BarCampSg3 yesterday which is called Funding WTF.
Basically he showed up a map of over all investment options for start-ups at various different stages.
If you are looking for a good roadmap to get funding from across the Causeway, this would be a good place to refer.


Remember, these are just guidelines and not actual milestones that can be applied for every companies.

Evan Williams on Side Projects and Twitter

Evan Williams is the guy behind some of the biggest names on the internet such as, (for podcast) and most recently Twitter.

He gave a talk in the Ted conference recently about the phenomenal growth of Twitter in the past year alone and the many different ways users around the world utilize the 140 character status update of twitter.

There are two things in this talk which we have found very interesting is that both and are side projects that Evan started when he was doing another startup. Personally, I think side projects are great especially if you can find the time to manage whatever on your plate.

The second take back from this talk is how a simple idea like twitter which is mainly like a short one to many messaging system evolves with the community and how the company adopts many of the ideas from its users.

Enjoy the video and tell us what you think?

I got retrenched, what’s NEXT?

Recently there was a few friends of mine got retrenched after serving the the company for a few years in the company. A few of them came up to me and ask, what to do next? It is okay for them to start a business at this economy climate. To be honest, there is no such thing as a good or bad time to start. I have seen start ups fairing badly during good times as well as businesses thriving during bad time.

So the questions is what to do next?

A lot of first time entrepreneurs in Malaysia tend to look for two things and here if why there are not good for your first company.

Number 1. If something they are doing is Sexy at the time. These are not waves of trends but just seem to be the in thing. For example, there was a point in time where Roti Boy was so highly imitated all around Malaysia and today we only see a handful of Roti Boy stalls surviving. Currently, my friends been asking if they should invest in a fish SPA and we see so many of these popping around.

So forget about chasing the Dotcom, Fish Spa craze. Sit down to look for serious trends that will effect lives and provide a solution for that. If you sit down a think of the things that will effect our lives, these are trends that we should be chasing.

Number 2 is they tend look for something similar to their previous work. One thing for sure, if you are good at your work does not make you a good entrepreneur. You see, entrepreneurship is part of building up a good company that might have a value that you can sell it later. If this business can run independently from your direct effort, these businesses tend to be worth more than those who are heavily attached to the person running it.

The other thing is running your business is not the same as working in your business. Professionals with a certain skill sets are stuck with the idea of if they were good at their job they should focus on the same things when they are in business. In most cases, this is one big mistake as an entrepreneur, you should have an overall picture of your business. As you are in your first business, you will realized that you require so much more set of skills to grow you business.

TeAM & MDEC present – “Opportunities Within A Crisis”

On the 17th of Feb, Tuesday, TeAM and MDEC are joining forces to bring you “Opportunities within a Crisis”. We will be hearing from the experiences of 2 amazing entrepreneurs who made their mark during the last economic downturn Mark Chang, CEO of Jobstreet and Leo Arinayanaka, CEO of Scicom.. both running public listed companies. We will also be hearing from the COO of the blue ocean strategy institute, Peter Ng!

MSC Malaysia Cyber Centre
Incubation Centre
Block 1B, Level 3 (1B-3-1)
Plaza Sentral, Jalan Stesen Sentral 5
50470, Kuala Lumpur

Date: 17 Feb 2009 (Tues)
Time: 4.00pm – 7.00pm

Due to limited seats for the dialogue, we kindly invite you to register by completing the registration form and submit before Tuesday, 17th February, 2009.

Payment will be settled at the door. Please make cheques out to Technopreneurs Association of Malaysia
RM30 for TeAM, NEF & MSC Status.
RM50 for non-members

View more documents from thamkengyew.

Register Here.