Famous Films Wisdom to Inspire Successful Entrepreneurs

When we are talking about words of wisdom, motivational tips, inspiring stories to follow and examples or best practices to learn for entrepreneurs and businesses, of course, there are tonnes of books, Youtube videos and audio tapes on those topics. But, how rare can we find a compilation of Films, properly edited to convey their wisest message for Entrepreneurs to Succeed!

A friend of mine over a cup of Starbucks mocha decided to share this video with me, after a grueling 2 hours meeting. This video itself will take up 7 minutes of your time, but it is 7 minutes well spent. The Words of Wisdom as Yoda himself would have conveyed to you, if you were Luke Skywalker, instead of flying your way into the Death Star to fight Darth Vader, perhaps you wanted to set up a business to raise enough capital, connections and influences to fight the Galactic Empire would be these;

  1. Everyone has a role in life (Hence why there is a Mark Zuckerberg who just had to come up with Facebook for us, and not Sam who lives next door…)
  2. Know your destiny, focus and do extremely well in it (Which is why Batman only focused on equipping himself with the latest gadgets to fight crime, instead of questioning, why isn’t he blessed with Superman’s powers)
  3. Be ready for Uncertainties (Like Forest Gump when his dying mum told him that Life is like a Box of Chocolates…You never know what you are going to get…)

This is a great video, which may also appear to be funny to some, but truly, the messages contained are priceless. Kudos to the makers of the video and do share it among your social network contacts. You are already doing a favour for a friend out there who aspires to be an Entrepreneur by sharing this video, a very Motivating and Entertaining one too!