Facebook Garage Signed by Randi Zuckerberg

Facebook Developer Garage KL 1 or is it?

I believe it was 2008 when the first Facebook Developer Garage in KL was organized. Facebook just launched as a platform and Myspace was king of the social network world. I was just a punk with nothing better to do. After seeing the Facebook Garage organized by my friends in Singapore, I realized we could use an event like this.

We featured speakers such as Kamal Fariz who used to run Ruby Brigade, Johnathan Teoh from TLC, Leonard Lin who ran BattleStations (a game which was huge before Mafia Wars) and Ganesh of MOL. (Strange thing which Ganesh is now the CEO of social networking pioneer Friendster. Ganesh’s company also sells Facebook credits in SEO ) It was a small event with over 100 people all cramped in the Starbucks in Bangsar Village 2.

After that, there were a series of people organizing the Facebook Garage all around Malaysia. Most notable were the events in Penang and Cyberjaya. I have not been to the one in Cyberjaya but as I understand it was more Facebook marketing focused.

Fast forward to today, Facebook is the most visited site in the world with over 600 Million active members. It is estimated they would have around 800 members by mid 2011 if they grew at this scale. It has been valued between Ford Motor and Visa. Most importantly, Facebook have brought a Malaysian company called Octazen which became one of Malaysia’s success story in the Web2.0 space as it was Facebook’s 3rd purchase. Octazen expanded its core 2 person team and set up a development office for Facebook Malaysia.

This coming weekend, Tandemic, a group of social media consultant is organizing the latest Facebook Developer Garage in APIIT in Bukit Jalil February 26-28.

It will start up on 26th Friday where it will feature Scott Rafer of Omniar, who was formerly with MyBlogLog and Lookery, Colin Charles of MariaDB, Clayton Narcis of Wootfood and Aizat Faiz who is currently employed with Facebook.

It will then proceed with a hackaton of sort over the weekend.

For those who are interested, pls register yourself at http://klfb.urekaweekend.com/event/klfb1/

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