Evan Williams on Side Projects and Twitter

Evan Williams is the guy behind some of the biggest names on the internet such as blogger.com, odeo.com (for podcast) and most recently Twitter.

He gave a talk in the Ted conference recently about the phenomenal growth of Twitter in the past year alone and the many different ways users around the world utilize the 140 character status update of twitter.

There are two things in this talk which we have found very interesting is that both Blogger.com and Twitter.com are side projects that Evan started when he was doing another startup. Personally, I think side projects are great especially if you can find the time to manage whatever on your plate.

The second take back from this talk is how a simple idea like twitter which is mainly like a short one to many messaging system evolves with the community and how the company adopts many of the ideas from its users.

Enjoy the video and tell us what you think?

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