Epsilon Mobile launches Papyrus, taking the digital publishing industry a step further

Epsilon Mobile, a Singapore-based start-up company specialising in digital publishing on mobile and tablet, takes self-publishing service a step further with the launch of the beta Papyrus at DEMO Asia 2012. The new service is the first to enable content providers to create and publish interactive content easily on the iPhone and iPad at an affordable cost.

Targeting small and medium publishers, SMEs and individual artists, Papyrus provides fast and cost-effective solutions to convert static documents into a highly interactive format. Its user-friendly approach allows content providers to easily create e-publications and add in animations, such as graphics or videos, without technical knowhow or a coding background.

Says William Vo, the CEO and Co-Founder of Epsilon Mobile “Papyrus aims to significantly transform the model of mobile publishing. Having a brand presence through interactive content on platforms such as the iPhone and iPad is no longer a privilege of large corporations. With Papyrus, small and medium publishers, SMEs and individual artists will not need a team of programmers to create interactive materials such as i-magazines, i-brochures or i-annual reports. We anticipate that Paprus will result in approximately 70% saving of production cost.”

Papyrus creates applications that are highly customisable to each content provider. While other digital publishing services aggregate the content from many publishers or companies into one application, Papyrus publishes the content into an exclusive application for each customer, enhancing their brand positioning. In addition, the interactive content of each customer is protected by the Enhanced Digital Animation (EDA), a proprietary file format developed and used by Epsilon Mobile to publish interactive content application on mobile and tablet platforms.

The official version of Papyrus will be released in six months. While users pay a subscription fee to open the account with Papyrus, they can enjoy free submission and hosting. Depending on the number of pages to be converted, users would be charged from SG$10 to SG$50 per page.

“We aim to upgrade Papyrus to support multi-platforms such as Web, Android and Window Mobile in the near future and reach out to international markets. In addition, we will improve the EDA format to make it an open standard for digital publication in modern platforms, so that third party players can develop their own software.”, said Vo.

About Epsilon Mobile

Established in 2010, Epsilon Mobile Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore-based company specialising in digital publishing on mobile and tablet. The company received the Innovation Practicum Grant from the National University of Singapore’s Enterprise Center in 2011. Working with renowned companies such as Blue Marlin Brand Design (USA), Rémy Cointreau USA, First News – Tri Viet Publishing Co., Ltd. (Vietnam) and Janus Education Services Pte. Ltd. (Singapore), Epsilon Mobile grows to become a consultant fluent in digital publishing industry. Epsilon Mobile has offices in Singapore and Vietnam. For more information, please visit http://www.epsilon-mobile.com/