Looking at platforms businesses use for promoting themselves online

Entrepreneurs Shifting to Business 2.0 – What it holds for the Future?


The term ‘Web 2.0’ is popularly adopted to mark the era of Internet moving from text-based to multimedia (extensive use of images, videos, sounds) and the switch from ‘searching’ information to ‘discovering’ information. One of the prime example for Web 2.0 platform close to most of us would be Facebook, where it constantly help us ‘discover’ friends, families, associates on the Web without the much effort of ‘searching’ for any of those information. So since the Internet has moved from one era to another (arguably even entering to the early stage of 3.0; prevalence of mobile), should business catch up with the trend?

Innovative Technology for Businesses.

We arrive at the core of the discussion, since not all businesses may flourish in the common social network to find opportunities, so what are the alternatives? While Facebook and Twitter are great to connect with end-consumers, there are several other platforms designed to fit into the e-commerce.

In order to be more focused on the topic of web 2.0, we will narrow down the spotlight to a few innovative platforms that address the ‘discovery’ engine and emphasis on multimedia contents. As most of us might have been using it, Facebook remains the biggest web 2.0 platform in the internet for user-base. The rises of Facebook fanpage for businesses to be a public relation tool has become dominant in recent years but online casinos remains a challenge for anyone to grow ‘likes’, ‘reach’, and ‘discover-ability’.

Cyfler is a B2B (Business-To-Business) platform designed to fit all the characteristics of Web 2.0 and use it for empowering businesses. It includes an easy-to-do profile that relies heavily on multimedia, and even able to amalgamate all the social media accounts of a business.

Aside from empowering everyone from organizations to freelancers to have a quick, easy-to-do profile for their businesses that is visually-rich, Cyfler also connects users with recommendation features just like one we are familiar in social networks. Ranging from referring business contacts, opportunities, latest activities in the website, Cyfler embodies what businesses want to find in a Web 2.0 technology designed for a business. Cyfler is free, comprehensive, and a powerful tool for one to display their products or services.

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