Entrepreneurs launch Food Version of Instagram Set to Take the Asian Food-Goers Market by Storm

It looks like it is that time of the year again, where after the major trends of buyouts of Instagram from Facebook and Draw Something, that Asian start-ups are again gearing their momentum to launch products and services which serve the social media and community markets. One of such revolutionary fund from Entrepreneurs.my is a company in Singapore which may have just launched an Instagram version for Food lovers with more sophisticated functions and social media tools to allow one to redefine their food experience.
Singapore, May 2012 – Today we are extremely excited to present Burpple – the social food journal. Burpple is a smart and beautiful way to remember, organize and explore food moments with your friends. It redefines the interactive experience of food and people using a mobile phone. Burpple for iPhone is now available for free on the App Store.

What Can You Do With Burpple?

1. Smart Suggestions – Revive your food moments past and present
Simply take a picture or choose an old one and Burpple auto-magically remembers the place, date and even the type of meal you had. You will never forget the details of a delicious meal ever again.

2. Beautiful Journal – Organize your food moments into useful collections
Save your food moments into customizable collection of boxes, a curated view of all your food moments. A box can be created on any theme, such as Special Dinner Dates, Home-Cooked Creations, or Wishlist. This makes it easy for anyone to follow and collect food inspirations based on specific themes.

3. Sharing Made Useful – Fun and purposeful curation
A ‘reburp’ is saving a food moment to your own box while browsing on Burpple. When you ‘reburp’ a post, the user who first posted the food moment will also get credit. You can also share to Facebook and Twitter with a simple flick.

4. Trusted Opinion – Form meaningful relationships with community you trust
Food is always better with friends. Browse from people and boxes you follow on Burpple. Communicate instantly and receive trusted recommendations on where to go and what to eat, or simply share tips and recipes.
Is Burpple the next Instagram from Asia?
During the few weeks of open beta, Burpple saw similar early stage user activity as popular mobile photo-sharing app, Instagram – 15% of registered users uploaded more than 10 food moments, of which 35% of them uploaded more than 50 food moments. Burpple has also attracted food bloggers, events, restaurants and chefs to use the app to showcase their food journals. Burpple for iPhone is currently used in more than 39 countries.

Despite just launching the iPhone app today, Burpple has already been making waves within the Asian food community. Burpple created a “How to Order Kopi like a Pro” infographic guide which details the makeup of local kopi and its variations. The guide was shared, blogged about and even made into t-shirts. Burpple estimates that it has reached some 2 million viewers since last November. It now has its own website www.helpkopigooverseas.coma fun and quirky way to connect and promote Southeast Asian coffee and food culture to rest of the world.

“Burpple bridges food cultures around the world and people enjoy communicating over food. Burpple is experiencing something very similar to global social networks like Instagram and Pinterest which transcends cultures and geographical boundaries,” said Mr. Elisha Ong, co-founder at Burpple.

“One in four smartphone users in the world take pictures of their meals everyday. These photos that would potentially tell great gastronomical adventures are often left dormant in our smartphones or get drowned out on generic social media. Burpple aims to solve that,” said Mr. Dixon Chan, co-founder at Burpple.


  • Ideation started in Silicon Valley, California in late 2010
  • Incorporated in Singapore in December 2011
  • Incubated at [email protected] 71 managed by NUS Enterprise
  • Received SPRING Young Entrepreneurs Scheme S$50,000 grant
  • Launched “How to Order Kopi like a Pro” infographic social media campaign. Received 2 million views and over 20,000 Likes and Shares. Featured on popular blogs – mrbrown.com and newnation.sg.
  • Approached by Singapore Tourism Board to turn Burpple’s “How to Order Kopi like a Pro” infographic into giant billboards for a ‘Get Lost Maze’ event held in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Launched HelpKopiGoOverseas.com – A creative social media campaign to connect and promote Singapore coffee and food culture to rest of the world – first stop in Melbourne, Australia. Website campaign was featured on Tech in Asia, Yahoo News, InSing, Chinese and Australian blogs.
  • Burpple for iPhone app soft launched at Savour Singapore 2012 – a world-class gourmet event with over 12,000 attendees and world-class chefs.
  • Collaborated with Savour and transformed hardcopy schedules and event happenings into a visual, mobile interactive experience for attendees.
  • Burpple accounted for 52% of all Savour related photos shared on mobile social networks, including Instagram, Twitter and Foursquare.
  • Burpple for iPhone featured as a Top Lifestyle and What’s Hot app on Singapore App Store
  • Announced strategic mobile partnership with Chope Reservations – Singapore’s leading online restaurant reservations service

About Burpple

Burpple is a smart and beautiful way to remember, organize and explore food moments with your friends. Burpple empowers people to remember special dinner dates, share home-cooked creations, explore what’s good in places and organize these great finds. We’re building Burpple to allow you to experience food moments in you and your friends’ lives through pictures past and present. We dream of a world connected through food moments.