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Enter the Micropreneur: How you can start solo and make profit

Bloody hell. Yet another entrepreneur in a long list of already types of entrepreneurs. So what is an Micropreneur? According to software developer, podcaster and author, Rob Walling, the Mircopreneur is a breed of people who usually single founder creating products for a very niche markets. Micropreneurs may write software. They might design themes for a blogging platform. They may produce exquisite wedding invitations, or how-to books. Micropreneurs are agile, inspired, independent, knowledge seekers who can’t live with the 9-to-5 status quo.

Basically “freelancer” with a product that they can sell instead of a service. We tend to see a lot of these micropreneurs cropping up here and there filling in empty niches. They might set up their own sites or use platforms like ETSY. Some of them are making very decent money doing what they like to do, whenever they want to do while all making good money especially if you are in Malaysia leveraging with the rate of the USD to Ringgit.

This is somewhat quite aligned with my recent post about Startups Should Not Focus on Exits. If you feel micropreneurship is the thing for you, Rob recently release a highly popular manifesto on ChangeThis and we highly recommend you to have a read.

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