Election Fever Hits Singapore and Entrepreneurs There Is Doing A Zuckerberg

I never really like politics when I was younger. In Malaysia it was never about solving real issues. Well as I am growing up, it seems that politics is the same all around the world until now. Social media have added a whole lot of needed seasoning to the once plain and horrible taste of politics around the world. From the work that the SunLight Foundation does to Govt 2.0 initiative from O Reilly, there seem exist more tools out there to make this whole thing less scary, more participatory and more fun. A couple of young and enterprising entrepreneurs in Singapore is trying to emulate Mark Zuckerberg’s success by building a social app for the up coming Singapore General Election.

Mark’s app that got him into a lot of trouble in Harvard called FaceMash and a lot of notoriety, while Eason and Yugene from StorePair.com is called IlikeYou. These two Malaysian who are currently based in Singapore created an application where you select one of the two politician in Singapore that you like.

If you want to find out more about StorePair.com see the video below. (the site doesn’t seem to be ready)

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