Editor's Note: A New Happening Space for Youths to Grow their Ideas

Young entrepreneur and youth icon, Jazz Tan started her first business at the tender age of 18, co-founding a youth event management company which quickly grew into a nationwide movement. Since then, Entrepreneurs.my has never stopped supporting the initiatives from the young, by providing them the platforms they need to reach out to other entrepreneurs and to explore opportunities. Now, Jazz is creating avenues for others to unleash their ideas!

Our editorial team in the office received this warm invitation from Suresh Tan, the newly appointed Chief Operating Officer of Jazz Tan”s growing event management and youth development company, YouthsToday.com. And we are more than excited to feature their progress below and to open up this opportunity for other young people to discover themselves!

Here is what YouthsToday.com has to say!

Are you a young and passionate and always wanted to make online casino a dent in the world? Have you been searching for peers who share a common vision and interest as you do? Do you strongly believe with the right environment, you are going to be the leader of tomorrow? Do you sometimes wish you have something better to do than browsing 9gag like a boss everyday?

 If you raised your hands, excitedly answering YES to the questions above, we have good news for you. For the very first time, there will be a cool hangout zone in Penang where you can meet up with like-minded buddies and expose yourself to an environment where the fun and learning never ends. Introducing Penang Youth Hideout!!
If you are interested in arts, music, entrepreneurship or technology, we have the right activities to develop your passion!! We bring in the best speakers from various industries to share their knowledge. The diversity of learning here is amazing, so prepare to have a professional music DJ sharing one day, and a CEO from a multinational company dropping by the very next.
What if you don”t know what you are good at?? Still searching for your passion in life?? Come and join us!! Lets work together and unearth the talents inside us!!
To know more, feel free to contact [email protected]. This is your first step to the future.