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Echelon Singapore is in Kuala Lumpur for a satellite event on April 21, 2011 in Zouk which we see 10 Malaysian start ups and not so start ups vie for the role to present in the big event in Singapore.

This year, Echelon 2011 hopes to be a two-day, double-track event with an expected attendance of more than 1,000 delegates; a demo pit of more than 40 startups and companies; and workshops and fringe events on June 16 and 17 in Singapore.

If you are interested in some of the Malaysian company, here is a list of them.

Feed George
Feed George aims to aggregate geodata on a single platform providing user with the ease to search data via data categories and feed source through geoRSS. With Feed George, bloggers who wish to add geographical information to their posts are able to do so too.

FLOChip Sdn. Bhd.
FLOChip’s product, 31Storey, seeks to bring in a bigger social element into online shopping by marrying Facebook with eBay. Shoppers can share their fashion tips or lookbooks with their friends while following their favorite participating boutiques. For online shop owners, 31Storey provides a single platform to market, sell, receive payments and monitor sales data easily. Co-founder Ong Teng Siong is a YCombinator alum who sold a company to Loopt.

WorkCrowd by AdExcel Online Networks Sdn. Bhd.
WorkCrowd aims to help build and strengthen bonds among co-workers by being a social platform for the workplace. WorkCrowd seeks to incentivize the initiatives of co-workers in getting to know each other through unlocking badges. The platform can also assist the transition of new workers into the workplace by helping them familiarize themselves with the culture and facilitate knowledge transfer.

FanXT is a privately funded website that seeks to be the worldwide leader in fantasy sports. Seeking to expand the fantasy sport offering beyond only that of popular U.S. sports, the website offers a one-stop fantasy platform that works on the web, Facebook, iOS devices, Android, Blackberry, Yahoo! TV and Google TV.

CellKast Games Pte. Ltd.
CellKast Games uses mystery deals that combines proven social game elements and discount offers to drive product discovery through their product Tikam. The concept behind the mystery deals idea is that the company believes that too many options creaties confusion among customer which makes them unhappy. By randomizing what deals customers receive, it lowers expectations while increasing satisfaction. Got a deal that doesn’t suit you? Give it to a friend as a gift!

Posttude aims to provide an address for every one by being the new postal code system for the whole world. The service uses the geotude algorithm to assign a 13-number geotude to users which acts like an IP for the location. Pte. Ltd.
With the applications industry heating up and drawing a lot of attention from app developers, seeks to standout from other app stores by allowing developers to retain 95% cut from sales while making it easy for developers to syndicate advertisements of their apps to target end-consumers. By being a global cross-platform app marketplace, seeks to cut through the hassle and problems of buying apps through other App Stores that may have payment restrictions.

Soft Solvers Solutions Sdn. Bhd.
Aiming to help Asian businesses tackle customer relationship issues, Soft Solvers Solutions’ Second CRM offers on-demand solutions to small companies which covers business operations like sales, marketing, customer support and project management. Small companies can choose to automate their businesses with the simple and cost-effective solutions offered by Second CRM.

Always tweeting about your meals before you devour it? Why not turn this information to help a lost, hungry, soul through Alphapod’s product, WootFood. WootFood aims to be the best way to find good food around you. By displaying highest rated food that is sorted by distance from the user, the service helps foodies discover new and amazing food offerings in the vicinity.
Check out our interview of Wootfood here.

Motif Channel
Motif Channel’s product name explains it all, if you understand Cantonese. gives event tickets a second chance if their buyers are not able to make the event. Ticket-holders can post their unused tickets on the website while potential buyers can place their request for even tickets that they missed out on. A matching algorithm will then notify both parties when a match is found. Not sure where available tickets are? Fret not.’s future offerings includes a geolocation feature that allows users to see the location of available tickets and the event.

You can register for Echelon KL here and do let us know which company in Malaysia interest you.

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