Echelon 2010

According to wikipedia, Echelon is presumed to be worldwide intelligence-gathering operation. While that might be true, the amount of knowledgeable and intelligent people gathering at E27sg’s Echelon 2010 is not something you can look lightly about.

What is Echelon2010?
Formerly known as Unconference, is a conference for start ups and web business in Asia to launch their business to the world. It also brings together amazing speakers such as Dave McClure of Founders Fund , Chris Evdemon of Innovation Works and around 30 more speakers.

Echelon2010 will be focusing on

Mentorship, Investments and New Funding Models
Cloud Computing and Enterprise Web
Social Gaming and Social Networking
Mobile Applications and Location Based Services
Product Management and Marketing
Social Media and Online Marketing
Startup Cultures and Lessons
Indonesian Startup and Mobile Landscape
SocialTV: The Emergence of Social Networking and TV

Date: 1st and 2nd June 2010
Venue: [email protected]

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