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East Ventures Invests in Penn Olson

It’s official: Penn Olson a site focusing on social media in asia today announced that East Ventures, a venture capital firm based in Singapore, has made an investment in the Asian technology blog. The investment sum has been kept confidential.

As part of East Ventures’s vision to invest in promising start-ups in the Southeast Asia region, Penn Olson fits the bill. With more than 600,000 monthly pageviews, is one of the fastest growing blogs in Asia covering web, mobile, and start-ups in Asia.

“We’re growing quickly but still, I believe we have a lot to learn from successful blogs from the U.S and experience media influencers in Asia,” said Willis Wee, Founder and CEO of Penn Olson.

“Asian technology is growing and developing at an amazing rate, and so is interest from overseas. Somebody has to tell the story and we’re glad to do our part for Asia. We would also hope to be the bridge between the East and the West,” he added.

Founded in July 2009, Penn Olson started out as a hobby. Like any other start-ups, the blog pivoted several times before finding the right direction. Today, it has writers based in China, Indonesia, India, Japan and Singapore to cover tech stories across key regions in Asia. Penn Olson will also be looking to expand to more countries in the future.

“We believe that is an important piece of the whole Internet technology ecosystem in Asia, especially Southeast Asia. Our mission is to help the growth of Internet start-ups in this region, and we believe in order to achieve that, we need to build the ecosystem first.”

About Penn Olson
Founded in July 2009, Penn Olson provides you with Tech and Business content focusing on Asia. The blog plays a part to help shape Asia’s tech and start-up culture. “No promises but we are doing our best.”

About East Ventures
East Ventures is an investment company, specializing in early-stage investments in Internet start-up companies.

Based in Singapore, East Ventures was founded by 4 partners with diverse and complementary backgrounds: Batara Eto, ex-CTO and co-founder of, the largest social networking site in Japan, Taiga Matsuyama, an experienced investor who developed several Japanese Internet companies, some of which were eventually acquired by Yahoo! Japan, Willson Cuaca, founder of Xsago, whose expertise covers mobile application development, and Chandra Tjan, with experience in Finance, Marketing and Management.

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