Virgin Branson

Do you need an MBA to Succeed as an Entrepreneur?

It is often said that Entrepreneurs need to posses Street-Smarts over Book-Smarts in order to ride through the volatile waves of doing business in the cut-throat world of business. However, experts and surveys have shown that the world’s most celebrated and successful entrepreneurs did not only come from those who ‘Dropped out of school’ but rather some have even succeeded even faster after having pursued an MBA.

In a research conducted by the Knewton organisation in the USA, revealed that there may be merits for Entrepreneurs to pursue an MBA course after-all with the sophistication of Business Models and the Need to Understand Markets being of paramount importance for fellow entrepreneurs.

Here are some Quick Facts on Why and How an MBA Course can Help You Pursue Your Next Big Break in Entrepreneurship


Infographic - Do Entrepreneurs Need MBA to Succeed