Discovering the X Factor among Entrepreneurs and Successful Business People

Entrepreneurs.my has a SPECIAL OFFER for all readers! When renowned entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley came to Malaysia for a summit last year, they attributed their successes towards them and their ventures having the ‘Luck’ and the ‘X Factor’ during that time. There we heard the co-founder of Youtube and LinkedIn, shared about their values in business that catapulted their ventures from an early startup to a billion dollar business. It all boils down to the X Factor that are bound to be discovered by entrepreneurs. 

What enables two individuals with the same business concepts, educated at the same university to have two entirely different results: one failing and one with ultimate success?

“We have seen potentially great business ideas fall in a screaming heap simply because the entrepreneur leading the organisation had no X factor” Says Mike Handcock, Chairman of Rock Your Life.

Mike and Asia’s leading entrepreneur coach, Dave Rogers, will be joined by over thirty business experts, multi millionaires, success stories and even a couple of billionaires in an upcoming global event tour called: The X factor – Quantum Business School.

Spanning four continents and a dozen cities from Melbourne to Bucharest, Mike and his team will be presenting a one day event where they will uncover some of the secrets to entrepreneurship, combined with a competition where members of the audience will be invited to join them on stage to see if they have the X factor. Winners of each city event will then play off in a global final on the completion of the tour. www.rockyourlifeevents.com/x-factor CODE: XFACTOR076

“Our objective is to help business people understand it’s really not about business plans, strategies and doing it the slow way. In fact attraction can be instant and many of these people who join us for a day of learning will find themselves catapulted into a global arena. That’s how fast it can happen.” Says Dave Rogers.

Handcock was mentioned by President Clinton in 2009 for his work with charities across the world and is a multi award winning speaker and best selling business author, whilst Roger’s is the co founder of a global entrepreneur network and the 2007 winner of Singapore’s spirit of enterprise award.


Handcock believes that fundamental success principles can be learned in almost no time and coupled with an understanding of what makes up the X factor that entrepreneurs can not only raise profile but breakthrough a market in almost no time. He also says it’s not about what you have and most people have an illusion of limited resources. To prove that he is featuring Justin Herald, Australian International Entrepreneur of the Year 2006, who turned a $1.25 bank account into multi millions over a few years with no budget and South African Dr Hannes Dreyer who is well known for turning 79 cents into over $1,000,000 in just under two years.

Handcock and Rogers are available for interviews, radio, television, magazine, blogs and newspapers about the Quantum Business School tour and some of the technology behind it.

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Cities involved in the tour currently are Melbourne, Perth, Singapore, Bangalore, Mumbai, Capetown, Johannesburg, Durban, London, Manchester, Bucharest and Dubai.