Customized for Business Connectivity: A Case Study

It’s very common for start-ups and new entrepreneurs who don’t have network or marketing resources to expose their businesses via cold-calling. Although the initiative suggests pro-activeness by the leader of a particular business, but we really have to be asking: is it efficient to market yourselves this way?

The question of efficiency come into picture especially when someone has more talent or forte in developing products, or doing creative works, etc. We are once again posed with the question: does this do justice to the individuals’ talent since they are not spending time doing what they are good at.

A problem is worth solving when it can add values to the large community and people in the broader sense. What tools are available outside which can help entrepreneurs or business managers to source for opportunities and at the same time allow them to spend more time doing what they are good at? Let’s try to focus on the Internet industry on how it has been helping the lives of many; Facebook is the largest platform for one to stay in touch for friends, Google is the most effective tool for everyone to search for information, and Wikipedia is a reliable place to find a concise, essential data of almost any legitimate entity. Capitalizing on technology, we reserve the right to be confident on creating a product which may help people in business.

Following last week’s article on Business 2.0 (link to ‘time for business 2.0’), we’ve seen the prevalence of ‘discovery’ tools being used in contemporary Internet platforms. Using the same algorithm, Cyfler (www.cyfler.com) is actually taking it into the new paradigm of referring business contacts and opportunities. Imagine Facebook recommending you and your friends’ mutual friends based on the college you go together to; Church you attended regularly, or shared connections. Likewise in business world, Cyfler identifies what are the common variables shared by businesses and leverage technology to facilitate the connectivity.

Cyfler believes the traditional search engine is no longer viable in promoting a level-playing ground for every business. Although the page rank algorithm makes sense, but big boys in each industry have been on top of the game because of their resources (more money to spend on SEO), and resulted in young businesses found nowhere in the Internet.

Using discovery engine and careful flow of data crawling mechanism, Cyfler is an interesting platform that scans through one’s products/services and possess the ability of informing potential opportunities to others. If traditionally one build a website and the visitors decided not to engage the business manager, he/she will be clueless about the prospects. In Cyfler, we want to bring the benefits to the entrepreneurs, managers, decision makers to make the pro-active approach.

Understanding the dynamics of every business that constantly have to interact with others across different industries, Cyfler allows each user to post not only what they offer but also what they need. For instance, a bread shop may offer their cakes, but they need flour. This dynamic relationship realized in the platform will eventually converge every business in Cyfler.

There has not been a case where business can survive by itself. Technology has brought the best out of networking platform for individuals, information and it’s time for the business entities to enjoy that benefit with a thoroughly designed connectivity feature. The vision is for each person to fulfil their dreams by competing in a level-playing field that encourage creativity and determination.