Ctrl+Alt+Compete, the movie premier in Malaysia

Microsoft just made a movie and you are invited to watch it on 18 of Jan 2012 at Microsoft Malaysia’s office. Why is this important to entrepreneurs? It is because this movie is about startups.  Register yourself at http://on.fb.me/vdJLs0

About the movie Ctrl+Alt+Compete

“There are literally thousands of start-ups being formed or in their infancy right now. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to start a company as an entrepreneur, to have to deal with the headaches of forming a company, its employees, getting funding by doing presentations and even dealing with the potential failure? Microsoft has just produced a full-length documentary film called, “Ctrl+Alt+Compete,” which was directed by Brian Giberson

The film gives viewers an inside look at the difficultly facing new start-ups through the eyes of five CEO’s (founders), their teams and the brutal truth and struggles they face. The film also features notable faces in the tech industry, like the lovely Veronica Belmont, Simon Sinek and the always cool, Cliff Bleszinski.

Event details:

When: 18 Jan 2012

Time: 5pm

Where: Microsoft Malaysia, Level 29 Tower 2, Petronas Twin Towers.

Register here: http://on.fb.me/vdJLs0

Registration Closes on Jan 15 2012.

On screening day, please arrive on time as you will not be able to enter Petronas Twin Towers after 6:15PM.