Creating a community for photographers

On March 1st, Ubersnap’s founder, Boon Chin Ng, presented the company, at DEMO Asia 2012 – the region’s premier launchpad for emerging technologies and trends, in Matrix @ Biopolis, Singapore.

Ubersnap is about sharing and discovering high quality photographs and the social interactions that arise from it. It is a photo-sharing website for amateur and professional photographers, with game elements integrated throughout the user experience. This will provide positive feedback, validation and a sense of progress to its users; something that current photo-sharing platforms have not achieved.

Ubersnap’s beta website is currently in development and is expected to launch by the end of May 2012. Users can already sign up at the website, to be informed when it launches.

Ubersnap will work on a freemium (free + premium) model so that users can enjoy most of its unique benefits, for free. These include:
• Track your progress. Keep tabs on how well you and your friends are doing. Challenge your friends and show them how good you are.
• Receive more feedback. Request for comments and push your photographs to other users for greater exposure. The system encourages users to leave comments and share other people’s photographs, for a higher quantity and quality of social interactions.
• Get inspired by beautiful photographs. Discover new photographs and people that matter to you, beautifully presented in a unique interface. Discovery is customized to the user based on their interests so that can choose what they wish to see.
• Accurate ratings. Get a better idea of how well your photographs are doing with a rating system that will take into account the number of likes you receive, among other factors. This will also turn up more relevant results when searching for photographs.

When asked about DEMO Asia 2012, Boon Chin was enthusiastic. Says him, “We are really excited to get the word out there that we will be launching our product soon and we believe photographers will love it. We are photographers as well, so we have a good understanding of what photographers want. I’m looking forward to seeing Ubersnap’s first beta sign-ups. Our initial users will be important to set the tone for the community. We also aim to bring in more marketing expertise to get our product out to our end-users.”

About Ubersnap

Ubersnap was founded a year ago by Boon Chin Ng, a final year Engineering undergraduate at the National University of Singapore and a photography enthusiast. Its team is currently developing the website, which is expected to launch by the end of May. Ubersnap is being incubated by NUS Enterprise. Users can sign up for the launch at http://www.ubersnap.com/