Cool gear from a hot country!

In-conjunction with DEMO Asia 2012, which is currently being held at Matrix @ Biopolis, in Singapore, some 15 companies, which are being supported by National University of Singapore (NUS) Enterprise, are taking part in the event, through three featured segments which is the Startup Launch, Alpha Pitch and Showcase. Fun in Ecological Tech Texture (FIETT) is one of these six supported companies which had made their announcements at the event on March 1st, 2012 regarding an invention made by the team which is the ISGLOVES.

Just imagine, you’re in a situation where it is snowing, cold and you are in full winter gear. How are you going to answer your phone or use a tablet outdoors with bulky gloves on? This was the question running through the mind of Charmain Tan, a Singaporean student, who found herself in the middle of winter in Sweden, while on the NUS Overseas Colleges (NOC) programme. With temperatures getting as cold as -30°C, she was not able to find gloves that would allow her use a touch screen phone, while keeping warm. So, she invented one – hybrid touch screen gloves that double up as mittens, given name ISGLOVES!

Charmain has since founded Fun in Ecological Tech Textile (FIETT), a Singapore company that develops and manufactures the patent-pending, eco-friendly ISGLOVES, which is essentially a touch screen glove-within-a-mitten. ISGLOVES allow the wearer to operate touch screen devices, as they are made of special conductive materials. Their unique design encapsulates the heat between fingers within a mitten, allowing wearers to keep their fingers warm even in the harshest winters.

ISGLOVES brings nature, innovative technology and creative design together in one product. The gloves are made of a textile composed of intertwined natural bamboo fibres and nanotech-treated polyester fibre. This composite material is conductive, anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic and hydrophilic, providing giving users with both precision and comfort. Similarly, the outer mitten comprises of 5 layers made from recycled polyester, thermoplastic polyurethane membrane (TPU), polar fleece, 3M Thinsulate with recycled fibers as well as velvet tricot. The materials for ISGLOVES were carefully selected to optimize performance, while also being eco-friendly.

Says Charmain Tan, Founder of FIETT, “Due to the relatively recent explosion of touch screen handheld devices, I believe there is a strong market demand for ISGLOVESTM in temperate regions. Although the idea of a team from the tropics developing a product for cold countries may seem strange, this is often a great ice-breaker, when we meet up with potential clients and channel partners. I also believe that we are able to bring new perspective to the market, and this has driven us to come up with a better product.”

FIETT launched the ISGLOVES in Sweden in December 2011. The company has established sales representation in Sweden and works with a number of Swedish retailers. It is now setting its sight to push its cool gears throughout Europe and the U.S.

FIETT is being incubated by NUS Enterprise, and is able to leverage upon incubation assistance such as mentorship, networks, access to business clinics and infrastructure support.


Fun in Ecological Tech Textile (FIETT) is an advanced technology and manufacturing company, which specialises in the production and sale of new and cutting-edge tech textile goods that are also eco-friendly. It was founded in August 2011 and is dedicated to enhancing the quality of living of our consumers. Its first forray into the market is ISGLOVES, touch screen snow mittens which caters to the needs of many facing a difficulty optimising use of their touch screen gadgets outdoors during winter.