Chatting about Revolutionary Entrepreneurship Journey with Founder of Prezi – ‘Giving Powerpoint a Run for Its Money!’

We do a lot of presentations – in the meeting room, in the lecture hall or at a Starbucks café.  More often than not we are not very comfortable with Power Point. Too boring, too rehearsed, too predictable and too conventional. Inevitably we look for other ways which make our presentation more exciting, natural and spontaneous. Ideas should be presented in a great way. This gives birth to the amazing cloud-based presentation software – Prezi

Adam Somlai-Fischer, an architect and visual artist, began using presentations with a zoomable interface in 2001, but each presentation was coded separately. In 2007, Budapest University of Technology assistant professor Peter Halacsy convinced Somlai-Fischer to develop a publicly available ZUI editor. After creating a prototype, they recruited a third entrepreneur, Peter Arvai, to join as CEO to help launch the product and company.

Prezi was launched at Budapest, the capital of Hungary in April 2009, leading to investments from TED conferences and the San Francisco office was established 7 months later.

I am an active user of Prezi and has presented a couple of times using this story-telling tool. I like it very much.  On a beautiful spring day in this early May, I took a metro ride and stopped at the historical, Victorian-era U-Street neighborhood to attend a special function with the CEO and Co-Founder of Prezi, Peter Arvai in Affinity Lab. I introduced myself to him as a TEDx organizer in Malaysia and he recalled his great moments studying in Singapore.

Peter shared the success lessons behind this fast growing technology company, as they are closing in on 10 million users and adding a million users a month with 90 employees across the globe. He demonstrated live to the audience on the magic of Prezi, and all were impressed.

Prezi addresses a real need – the need to share ideas in a more inspiring and fun way. Peter and his colleagues are all for the power of ideas. They believe wholeheartedly that through sharing ideas we can change the world. If ideas are not interesting, they die. As mentioned in another interview, Prezi aims to develop a world-class productivity tool, a platform for sharing and storytelling which is adopted by every sector – where sharing inspiring ideas result in intellectual and social change.

Prezi has indeed opened up a new world between whiteboards and slides. The zoomable canvas makes it fun to explore ideas and the connection between them.

The result: – visually captivating presentations that lead your audience down a path of discovery.

And you will never go back to PowerPoint again.