Building A (Mobile-Web) Startup: The 2011 Way

2011 is definitely the year for lean startup in Malaysia and if there is one thing you should look at is mobile. With the iOS and Android both eying to be the king of the hill. There is no better time to create your own software and have your own hits like Angry Birds or many more.

Dr. Bernard Leong of Chalkboard recently wrote in SgEntrepreneurs about how to create a startup the 2011 way.
He said:

Basically, the way I proposed is based on known methodology in product development and it is just a summary of three key principles: (a) Agile: Build a product in the shortest time and most effective way possible, (b) Iterate: Change the product quickly upon getting feedback from users and test until you find the killer feature, (c) Pivot: Upon failing in the fastest manner possible, learn from the lessons of why it did not work, change strategy and develop the product in a different direction.

You can read more about his point of view here.

With Android phones like the Nexus S from Samsung, it is easy to come with your own app.

All you need is an idea and someone who can code on Android. If you can’t code yourself, you can find it over at sites like Elance or other freelancing sites.

What kinds of apps you may ask? The smart phones these days are filled with so many sensor that enables your creativity to go wild. Take the Nexus S for example. You have 1 front facing camera and one at the back, a simple photo booth idea can be easily explored.

Application like Bump, makes use of the accelerator meter in the phone and uses global position satellite to identify if two phone are in the same place together so that contacts can be exchanged with a Bump. Even weirder is application such as Color which uses the microphone to detect ambient sound to identify phones in the similar location.

So if ideas is not your issue, what is next? Get a programmer, in Malaysia you can talk to the folks at and see if they can help you to make your idea a reality.





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