Mike Hancock and Dave Rogers - Entrepreneur Success Coaches

Bridging the gap between business and personal responsibility

Rock Your Life Chairman Mike Handcock has been talking about a new breed of entrepreneur for four years now; ‘Spiritual Entrepreneurship’ is alive and well. Rock Your Life, a transformational coaching organisation that runs events in over twenty countries and has been active in Malaysia for over six years believes that business purely for profit is a thing of the past.

‘Citibank, General Motors, The US economy – all the big for profit only businesses are starting to falter.’ Says Handcock. ‘We have run a wonderful 3 day event called Rock Your Business and we are noticing the huge number of spiritual entrepreneurs and in Malaysia particularly a large contingent of Green Entrepreneurs’ Rock Your Life believe that spiritual entrepreneurship is business with ‘purpose’ for more than profit. It gives back, does something good for the people, the planet or it’s creatures. In Malaysia Rock Your Life have been working with ‘the Green Man’ Matthias Gelber. Well known in Malaysia as a champion of the environment, a constant campaigner and collaborator with governments and new green business in Asia, Gelber is one of five Global SAGE’s Rock Your Life use at Rock Your Business.

‘Rock Your Business is a cross between Harvard Business School styled learnings and American Idol competition’ says Dave Rogers, Rock Your Life’s board member and 2007 Spirit of Enterprise Winner for Singapore. Rogers, along with franchise expert Lilian Lim and finance expert Paul Zaman make up the SAGE panel that work with attendees on their businesses.

The program is highly attractive and often sold out. It’s not mass marketed as it’s three days of these globally successful SAGE’s spending one on one and group time with attendees. Everyone gets personal attention. It’s not a talking head conference where you get lost in the crowd. You are actively involved and it gets results. 2011 attendee Anthony received 5,000,000 MYR funding for his green business idea after attending Rock Your Business.

‘Every individual who attends Rock Your Business leaves with clarity about who they are and what they really want.’ Says Handcock. He believes people throughout the process come to understand that business is in fact about love and contribution to society, not just a place to earn a few bucks. The attendees that graduate the program are always focussed on contribution first and because of this they often get amazing results, many creating international connections and developing products and services they had otherwise not thought of. SAGE’s have even partned with, invested in and personally promoted great businesses where they are impressed by attendees.

Rock Your Business is in Malaysia on 9 – 11 November. Details of the event can be found at: http://rybmalaysia.eventbrite.com or contact [email protected] for information.