Branding dont really cost money.

I was invited to MIRC KL SME ICT Conference as a panel for their “Coffee Talk” with the topic, Entrepreneurship and Its Challenges in the Current Economy.  

I was joined by Mirc’s CEO Andrew Wong and Steve Tan of GoBroadband

There was alot of concern in terms of how to ride the rough times and I do understand uncertainties can cause anxiety even among the most seasoned of entrepreneurs. A lot of people do not realized that in times of crisis, there are always great opportunity.

According to Steve, whose company sells broadband solutions, one of the main reason he is thriving because he plans when times are good for bad times. This is one of the reasons when you see his business card is filled with the various awards that his company has won. These awards are used to brand his business.

Then someone from the audience ask. “How can they afford branding?”

The answer is very simple. You do not need to spend an arm and a leg to do branding. What you need it creativity. 

Steve added “If you have a very compelling product, your branding is halfway done. ”

Remember there are many tools available out there for you to brand yourself such as:


  • Attending networking events
  • Press Releases
  • Leveraging on Internet with blogging and social network
  • Do some crazy stunts ala Richard Branson
The moral of the story is be creative. Remember if nobody knows you, who will buy from you.



4 thoughts on “Branding dont really cost money.”

  1. I think is more of creativity. It doesn’t take much to come out something you can deploy fast and do not cost you much.

    I think we should learn from the people who organize riots and protest. They do it with almost no cost and little time.

    The moral of that, if you can come out with some message, product or idea that can spread, money and time will not be your biggest issue.

  2. I strongly believe that branding doesn’t really need a lot of money or i can even stress not much money is needed.

    Again this is subject to what type of branding are you looking at.

    The key thing many people think that they need huge amount of money for branding simply because they do not know what they want.

    If you can’t even identify where you want to brand yourself. Don’t even think of branding, you are just wasting your time sitting in your business.

    Here is the simple step that you can use to brand yourself easily:

    1. Identify your NICHE Market (it is just one level deeper than Target Market).

    2. Find the direct contact / center of influence in the Niche Market that can bring you in.

    3. Start contributing your first activity. Do it for FREE. But again, I want to stress, make sure you provide value and make them to want more.

    4. Have an instant follow-up right after that. Keep the momentum going. Initiate the 2nd and 3rd activities. Be creative.

    5. Be BUSY BODY and always ask your marketplace in anyway that you can contribute more to add value in their current situation.

    6. Repeat the entire process.

    You will be surprise once you have repeated the cycle.

    Anyway, in order to speed up your whole process to achieve the kind of branding that you are looking for, you need to find way to increase the following :




  3. Last couple of years I read a book on branding. Quite interesting. An example, Google … till today they have not paid out a single cent on advertising & yet their brand is stronger by the day. How did they achieve this?

    Taking Google as an example … its not so much on creativity … is on your strategy.

    Bottom line is, they sleep with the “strategies” ….

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