Doug Richard

BBC England Dragon’s Den Investor, Doug Richard to meet Start Up Entrepreneurs in Liverpool

Every entrepreneur’s favourite show, Dragon’s Den, which is currently aired on BBC England will have one of its own Dragon, Investor, Doug Richard share about entrepreneurship, doing the right business and impacting the world in a positive way in Liverpool. His appearance coincides with the Global Entrepreneurship Congress, an event that promises to stimulate the growth of interest and awareness towards entrepreneurship in Liverpool.

Mr. Richard is expected to share his inspirations behind the School for Startups initiative which he had launched with great success in the UK with renowned universities, the Royal Institution and the British Library.

A founder of several successful I.T. companies based in the USA primarily, Doug Richards was a regular in the highly acclaimed Entrepreneur-Pitching reality show, Dragon’s Den in England for two seasons. For some critics he is most famous in the show for being the only investor until today, to have not invested into a single venture at all, despite receiving hundreds of pitches from entrepreneurs in Season 2 of Dragon’s Den.

Currently, aside from spearheading the School for Startups initiative, he is on the board of various companies and also serve his role as an active investor.

You can sample a class by Doug Richard in his School for Startups here, as he answers the question – The Difference between Marketing and Sales.