Awesome Collections

AwesomeCollections launches “Wear What You Believe” merchandise line for Dreamers and Entrepreneurs

After launching, a travel recommendation website that promotes the most awesome Penang food, places and events in 2012, the Awesome team is at it again! The founders of are launching Awesome Collections, a merchandise line designed for dreamers, for entrepreneurs, for minimalists, for the bold.

“The idea of Awesome Collections began when we realised that we couldn’t find any tee shirts that suited our beliefs, that we could wear and show people the qualities we stand for. Despite the millions of designs out there, very little were designed for people with big dreams and ambitions or people in need of motivation like us. That’s what we wanted to change.” said Nicholas Theng, co-founder of

Awesome Collections is a merchandise line that is designed especially for the dreamer, the believer and the achiever. Its design is an expression of the individual, a personal statement of a person’s belief. With deep and meaningful quotes like “Dream Big, Live Large”, “For The Bold”, “Never Give Up.”, “Attitude Determines Altitude” and more, Awesome Collections aims to be more than just a piece of merchandise, it wants to be about the customer, their beliefs, their lives.

“When you think about a tee shirt, it’s probably the product that tells the most about you all the time, the thing that first impressions are built upon. With this unique relationship and judgement people have with tee shirts, we take the design very seriously. We don’t want to just make a tee shirt, we want to make an extension of the wearer. AwesomeTees is the result of this approach, it is a minimalist design working harmoniously together with a deep belief to create a very personal statement.” explained Ming Yi, chief designer of Awesome Collections.

AwesomeTees is the first product of Awesome Collections’ merchandise line, priced at RM29 – RM35 with 8 designs and tons of colours to choose from, it is designed to suit the needs of the many and even the few. However, AwesomeTees is but the first in a long line of planned merchandise from Awesome Collections.

“AwesomeTees is an amazing start for our direction because of the unique relationship between fashion and the person. However, we see incredible potential in Awesome Collections when it comes to producing different types of merchandise such as phone casings, mugs or watches. Most importantly for any future products, we want to keep the core belief of our designs intact and create something that is simple and personal yet truly extraordinary.” shared Ang Kevin, co-founder of when asked about the future of Awesome Collections.

You can check out and purchase any of Awesome Collections’ merchandise at their website at or visit their Facebook page at