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Asking the Right Questions for Business Success – Moments with Mike Hancock #1

For this special edition of, we will have international award winning business coach, Mike Hancock from Rock Your World to share his insights as our Guest Columnist, in the areas of maximizing your business success through the small things that you do with your mind, perception and in treating your customers, slightly differently. 

Asking better questions?

Looking for the key to wealth, then look no further. This is it. Ask better questions. Now I know you have heard this in many forms but possibly you haven’t considered it anywhere near enough. My philosophy is ask poor questions, get poor answers, have poor information and therefore make poor decisions. As soon as you ask a great question that all switches. Not convinced…well here are four very different examples.

  1. I’m out to dinner with my friend. We look at the menu and the waiteress comes to tell us the specials. We listen and are tempted to ask: ‘So what’s good?’ But instead I ask a better question. ‘If you were eating here, knowing the chef who’s cooking tonight and what he or she does best, what is the one thing you would have to have?’ ‘That’s easy’ she replies: ‘the lamb.’ We have the lamb and its sensational. Maybe that chef was great at lamb and couldn’t cook fish at all. Asking a great question gives you great information.
  1. My friend Terry is retired. He is sitting on his yacht in the Hauraki Gulf outside of Auckland when he gets a call from an old client in Sydney who has a major computer problem. He tells Terry that if Terry can fix it inside a week there is a $500,000 fee in it for Terry. So Terry asks himself this question: ‘Who in the world can fix this problem?’ Not who in Sydney, or even who does he know, but who in the world? Terry makes calls and eventually gets put onto a guy in the USA who can fix the issue and will complete it before the end of the week. Terry agrees to pay him a success fee of $250,000. Terry banks $250,000 net without leaving his yacht.
  1. I needed to get some tertiary qualifications behind me when I was about thirty. I really didn’t want to go to university, but I thought I needed the qualifications. So I sign up, pay up and then ask every head of department for every subject the same question: ‘I have zero time available to do this due to work and family. What is the absolute minimum I need to study to pass with straight A’s?’ Every single person told me. Two years later (by correspondance) I have my qualification with mostly straight A’s and including two academic prizes for topping the country.
  1. In sales of  financial products most people ask for referrals. They ask poorly: ‘Who do you know who you can refer me to?’ The get poor quality referrals and their future is left up to the judgement of the person they ask. By changing to an awesome question: ‘Who is the best business person you know personally?’ they now get great referrals to people who have money and are concerned for their future. Bigger sales and less problems.

Everything you want in life will result from the quality of questions you ask. If you want anything at all follow the right sequence as well. Decide what you want. Decide who you need to ask, and who they can lead you to. Plan when is the best time to ask, and often just leave the how up to the person you have asked to guide you. So many of us get stuck by asking ourselves: How can I do this? When really the right question is: What do I need to do next? Or Who can help me get to my objective? It sounds simple, but focussing on asking great questions will really serve you to life your game and get close to your ultimate objectives.

When you are faced with a problem sit down and write out the questions you could ask to get answers to that problem. Actually write down the words: What or Who, and frame your question from there. You will find that in no time you are getting better results.


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About the Author;

Mike Handcock is the Chairman & Founder of Rock Your Life. Getting to know about Mike Handcock you will find:

  • Mike is an international award winning speaker who has worked in over 30 cities and 20 countries in the past 3 years alone
  • Mike has written eleven books on business and personal development including best sellers and an Amazon #3
  • Mike is a musician with nine albums to his credit and has produced and written for Radio & TV
  • Mike was voted one of the top 10 coaches in Asia
  • Mike’s background was in senior management of one of New Zealand’s leading corporates
  • He has been nominated for three Extraordinary Lives awards
  • He has produced a television show and is the producer and director of Dreamcatchers – an 82min feature film launched in 2010
  • He has been mentioned by President Bill Clinton for his philanthropic work and is a seeker of ancient wisdom who can be found climbing through dusty pyramids or researching the secrets of the past diligently