Asia’s Best Young Entrepreneurs 2008 – Only 1 Malaysian

In case you don’t know, Business Week run this article on young entrepreneurs in Asia every year. It is called  Asia’s Best Young Entrepreneurs 2008

This year it seem only 1 Malaysian entrepreneur is nominated. You may or may not have heard of the guy but I believe you have been impacted by the company he founded one way or another. 

His name is Patrick Groove and his company is Catcha Corp.

For those who have been on the internet since the late 1999, you will have used the dot com he founded with 3 other friends call was one of the most visited Malaysian internet portal until the bubble burst. It forced Patrick to rethink and innovate their business model and went into Media and Publishing. 

With Magazine ranging from clubbing culture (Juice Magazine) to golf and lifestyle, Catcha is now one of the leading publishing house in Malaysia. 

As for their return to the internet ventures, their which is currently operating in around South East Asia is listed in the Australian Stock Exchange. 

Although there isn’t any awards for the Business Week Asia’s Best Young Entrepreneurs article but you can vote for him at the site. Since there is only 1 Malaysian entrepreneurs, lets make the best out of it.

We hope to see more young entrepreneurs from Malaysia in the nomination next year and we know there are many of you out there.

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  1. surprised to know there’s only 1 malaysian nominated. and yes, there are many entrepreneurs out there from malaysia. i think we can make it, once we go beyond our nation’s market :)

    for patrick, his companies are interesting. yes, heard of the catcha… and do read some of the mags by his co, which i think goes beyond malaysia – hence the recognition :)

  2. I am Vietnamese people but I love when i read the story about him, I have a shop selling clothes for Muslim in vietnam and exported more in your country, hopefully you will help me in the future.

  3. Hi Patrick,

    Congrats on being selected.

    I have a vague idea from when we met in Catcha’s office in KLCC around 2002/2003 that you are a Singaporean, while your partner Nick Lim is the Malaysian.

    At that time, you’d venture into publishinng Juice and other magazines and was organising open air Starlight Cinema.

    Where is Nick now?

    I’ve looked through the slides and Catcha Corp’s website and nowhere does it say that you are a Malaysian. IN fact, none of the slides mention the entrepreneur’s nationality and your company Catchacorp is Singaporean, while the other one is listed in Sydney and you yourself graduated in Australia.

    You also started your property portal in Singapore first, then extended it to Malaysia. Nothing wrong with that, as many Malaysian entrepreneurs recognise the importance of venturing out regionally, since they see the Malaysian market as too small.

    From what I can see of the Business Week Asian entrepreneurs, most are from North Asian and Singapore, which the 2000 International Telecommunication Union Asia Pacific Communications Indicators grouped as those countries in Asia with growing adoption of telecommunications and Internet services.

    These countries also have widespread and affordable communications and broadband Internet services and their populations are affluent — so I guess there is that correlation between successful entrepreneurs and general level of affluence.

    Anyway, there are successful Malaysian entrepreneurs out.

    For example, tomorrow I will be attending the launch of Empheria by Jia Yu & MDeC, which would dedicate TV airtime to local content at the One World Hotel. Jia Yu (Damien Leong) produces TV programmes which it exports mostly to the China market.

    Also Les Copaque Productions just announced that it earned RM5 million in three weeks from its 3D animated film Geng which began screening in Malaysia in February and they too will venture out regionally with their film.

    Let’s also not forget Redtone which began as VMS Technologies in a couple of lots in Taman Desa off Old Klang Road, and Green Packet with its self organising network products and which owns Packet One.



  4. Entrepreneurship involves the ability to thing outside the box and Marton Restaurant, a themed restaurant in Taiwan has become quite a tourist attraction. Just search Yahoo! on “Marton Restaurant + Taiwan” to pull up lots of links. For example:-

    Entrepreneurship also involves many different facets and not just entrepreurship on the Internet and Web 2.0 (well I hope not, since that would be thinking in a box).

  5. i am dip in banking student from uitm and i'm taking entrepreneur subject this semester. seems like i'm interested in business but still don't know what type of business i want to join. actually i just like 'coward' type in making business. i afraid that there will nobody interested in what i sell.

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