Asia On The Edge 2012

Asia on the Edge (AOTE) is a regional platform aggregating creative entrepreneurs and arts practitioners with the aim of incubating new ideas and trends from and of Asia and Asian origins.

Between 24 August to 9 September, AOTE 2012 comprising of two tracks: Generating Ideas and ReGenerating Communities will continue to serve culture and society while stimulating and engendering creativity. This year’s festival has been expanded to feature an in-conjunction programme: Causeway Exchange (CEX), a joint arts and culture initiative between Malaysia and Singapore that serves as the premier exchange platform between arts and creative industries of both countries.

Generating Ideas serves as a catalyst for the development of new content from the Asian creative communities. It features keynote lectures by leading Asian creative entrepreneurs, thought leaders and change agents, and an open pitch platform – Pitch It! – for upcoming creative entrepreneurs, providing an opportunity for new ideas to be identified for incubated. Themed Creative Mapping of Asia, Generating Ideas @ AOTE 2012 will highlight the development of creative hotspot sectors and identify industry trends in Asia, specially markets such as Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

In March 2012, Generating Ideas was held in Cebu as a lead up to AOTE 2012. It aimed to catalyze business collaborations and seeks to encourage and actualize the development of new content from creative industries beyond exchange of ideas between Singapore and the Philippines. Subsequent lead up programmes, Generating Ideas @ Jakarta and Generating Ideas @ Kuala Lumpur, have been scheduled to be held on 3rd and 7th July 2012 respectively.

ReGenerating Communities fulfils its aim of serving community and culture through creating regional and international awareness of the rich and diverse heritage of Asia. It focuses on providing a platform to showcase Asian cultural practice and practitioners whose works are in danger of oblivion or whose works have revitalized and regenerated a community. ReGenerating Communities @ AOTE 2012 will feature such artists and groups from Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore.

AOTE 2012 & CEX 2012 hopes to facilitate greater opportunities for placement and exchange programmes for the arts and culture industries for Singapore and Malaysia in Asia. The annual festival, held bi-annually in Singapore, will showcase multiple genres including music theatre, comedy, theatrical play, 3-Dimentional art, photography, film, poetry and literary arts in its third edition.

Programme Selection

(1)Pitch It!: USD$ 110 per pax
(2) Conference: USD$260 per pax
(3) Pitch It! and Conference: USD$320 per pax

Add On Programme

(1) Sundown Cruise: USD$80 per pax
(2) Night Crawl- 1 Clun & 1 Pub: USD$60 per pax
(3) Sundown and Night Crawl: USD$120 per pax

Additional Information

Accomdation are charged $170 per night
Enjoy an early bird discount of 10% if you sign up 31st July 2012
Also enjoy a group discount of 15% if you sign up 3 or more people in total!