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Asia eCommerce Conference 2013

RebleX Business Group will hold its 3rd Asia e-Commerce Conference 2013 in the Royale Chulan Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, on 30th October 2013. The conference is one of the most outstanding e-commerce conferences in Asia. Collecting 15 renowned eCommerce business leaders around the world, it leads interesting discussions on the importance of e-commerce to business longevity and success.

e-Commerce and m-Commerce has been coming together in more unique and seamless approach to grow and social our businesses and brands. John Lawson (the King of eBay and e-Commerce), Giulio Xiloyannis (Managing Director, Zalora Malaysia), Igor Pezzilli (CEO, Lazada Malaysia – Rocket Internet), Christy Ng (Founder and CEO,, and Marcelo Wessler (SVP of e-Commerce, Singapore Post Ltd) form the brilliant keynote and panel discussion on the powerful transformation of e-Commerce space.

Giulio Xiloyannis encourages, “Be part of the e-Commerce conference of this year.” Alongside to the keynote addresses, over 500 global attendees and more than 100 international corporations will also have access to the secret to broaden your eCommerce market entry and achieve strategically business aims from social media. The eCommerce opportunity will be a potential great explosion of your businesses over the globe. Looking back and forward, this renowned conference will feature the strength to dominate the social commerce in the present, together with the trends and challenges.

To register for the 3rd Asia e-Commerce Conference, please contact Sam Wong at 603-27247006. For more information about the conference, visit