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Are Malaysian Startups That Sucky?

I can’t stand it. A few days back, I received an update about Echelon 2012 and that email made me mad. Let me backtrack in case you are wondering what is this Echelon I am talking about. The Echelon conference is an anual conference for startups in Asia showcase their work and it is held in Singapore. The organizers E27, tend to run satellite events around Asia to act as an audition for local startups.

The thing that really ticked me off is that last year there were satellite event held in Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur etc. This year, we got an email by the organizers that the satellite event will be held Singapore, Jakarta, Manila, Ho Chi Minh, Taipei and Tokyo. Where is Kuala Lumpur?????

I mean, E27 is positioning Echelon to be the biggest startup event in Asia and the organizers in Singapore have left out their neighbour up North? Maybe I am over sensitive as, we (Malaysians) can easily head down to  South to participate in the pitches there or maybe it is because there have not been any interesting startup businesses that  have appeared in the past year?

After heading down to DEMO Asia and witness most of the pitches done by Malaysian startups, I am beginning to suspect it is the latter. Most of the pitches by Malaysian startups deserve a face palm. Of course there were some remarkable people creating startups and solving real interesting problems but I personally do not like where the trend is heading to.   I hope in this case, I am wrong.


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