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Advice from Richest Successful Business Entrepreneurs

Wise advice are not expansive these days, when you have access to the world’s richest and most successful business entrepreneurs sharing their thoughts on how you too can succeed as an entrepreneur. From property tycoon Donald Trump, to the late innovator entrepreneur Steve Jobs, to the daring entrepreneur Richard Branson and many others, these are snippets of advices which they have given to thousands of people in their speeches.

At the time of writing, i am currently in Singapore, flying off to attend the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Liverpool, England where i would have the chance to meet in-person, Richard Branson of the Virgin Group. But after searching through some of his more inspirational videos online, i found this really powerful entrepreneurship advice piece, which should be watched by all entrepreneurs and people wanting to succeed in business.

From advices ranging from, my Personal Favourites;

  1. There is no such thing as ‘Over-exposure’ – Donald Trump
  2. You have to love what you do with passion. If not, any sane person will quit when they sustain their drive to achieve success – Steve Jobs
  3. Running a company means getting the right people – If i can run one company well, i can run any company – Sir Richard Branson

But i will leave you with the cream of thoughts here, where the world’s most successful, influential and richest entrepreneurs share their advices.