A Taste of TED Global 2012: Radical Openness

This is a wonderful video that captures the essence and the taste of TED. It is compiled for  TED Global 2012 which is happening now in Edinburgh, Scotland.

As the world becomes interconnected, the ways we relate and learn about one another (and the rules about what we share) are changing.
That’s the inspiration for TED Global 2012: Radical Openness, happening now.

“It’s about solving the problems of the world, and using really creative solutions to do so.”

“TED talks, typically, help restore my faith in humanity.”

“TED talks are the worldwide government of the soul. They are the true hope of a united humanity.

These are the sentiments of how people feel about TED when they attend and be part of this locally-global community.  The first quote is from a lady interviewed in this video, and the second two are the Top 2 comments about the video that we’d love to share with you.

At this moment, our fellow organizer of TEDxKL and founder of is currently in Edinburgh representing TEDxKL and Malaysia to speak on the TED Global stage.  He will be back to share his TED experience with TEDxKL.

A brief coverage on TED’s blog:

At TED2012, we celebrated the reinvention of the art of spoken word, and nudged it a further step forward — through the rich use of multiple technologies, formats and approaches for the most powerful possible impact on an audience.

And this is what they have to say about it:

“It’s Amazing! — Mind-blowing — Encouraging — Hopeful — Deeply Philosophical — Incredibly fun! — Inspiring, Epic, Incredible!”

The entire TEDxKL team is passionate and dedicated to bring the best TED experience to KL. TEDxKL has evolved and has been  noticed by TED Global,  being 1 of the 4 TEDx countries to be invited to TED Global 2012 to pitch to the global audience.

See you at TEDxKL!

Theme  :  Interdependence
When     : 14 July 2012
Where   :  Temple of Fine Arts
Ticket   :  RM100 online  |   RM130 limited walk-in. (dinner included)

Note: Spaces are going fast and are limited. So register your seats now at