A Networking Engine for All Types of Businesses: A Case Study

If Internet is disrupting the traditional marketplace for businesses, it must provide substitution to many elements of a business operation. It must be able to help them tackle supply chain issue, propel marketing efforts, provide customer relations, or even building a community within an industry.

Rarely does an organization care about what business is going through, but Cyfler is one platform that utilizes everything they have to achieve one objective: helping businesses.

When Facebook enable users to tap into different features to serve different purpose, Cyfler have various set of components within the platform that can be used to help businesses. While undoubtedly most of the features are designed to help enhance ‘discoverability’ of businesses within the network, but it eventually serve different functions within an organization. Example, discovering a good supplier helps trim down finance and ease supply chain process.

However, going beyond the internal ecosystem of Cyfler, what’s interesting is how the network constantly tries to engage everyone via their blog. It helps expose the businesses into the next level by allowing users to update, announce and connect with visitors of the site to browse around without even joining the network. For instance, as STADA and ASTD are going to co-host ASTD-STADA Asia Pacific Conference this coming 31st October – 2nd November 2012, Cyfler is helping to push the event via their own channels to generate more awareness.

The motivation of Cyfler being built as B2B social network is essentially to help create a level-playing field for everybody. This vision is indiscriminate of countries of business, scale of operation, or capitals.

An example of business being helped by Cyfler in their public relations is Cofebral, the user from Brazil where its business is constantly striving for quality and excellence of their staffs, releasing an announcement via blog about their upcoming training and skill development initiatives.

Cyfler is serious about becoming a platform where businesses can converge and discover each other. Business managers who are hungry for opportunities and constantly looking out for exposure will find the facilitation of business information useful. So are you ready to ride on the network?