A Malaysian Entrepreneur in Singapore

Malaysians are really Global.

There are so many Malaysian entrepreneurs exploring new opportunities overseas. Recently, Malaysia Entrepreneurs(MYE) had a chat with a young entrepreneur from Malaysia who is based in Singapore.

His name is Uzyn Chua and he was nominated for one of Business Week 25 Asia’s Young Entrepreneurs last November.

Uzyn was born and raised in Kuala Terrenganu. He spent a short 1 year stint in Yoke Bin Secondary School in Malacca.

MYE: So tell us a little bit about yourself.

Uzyn: I have been involved in Web 2.0 since I was an undergraduate at NUS and have been toying with technology ever since I was a little boy. Started by being a part-time freelance web developer while I was doing my undergraduate studies, I ended up not just completing projects for my clients, but also a few projects that I did on my own time just for the fun of it.

MYE: So what are these projects you have done?

Uzyn: One of projects that you may have known about is Ping.sg, which was started more than 2 years ago just because I was bored and wanted to read more local blogs as they are updated. Technology is my passion and I will not stop hacking.

MYE: and you are working on something new call Widgeo.us rite?

Uzyn: The idea for Widgeous came about about a year ago, when I was in the hacking mood again, wanting to create an app on Twitter API. At that time, I was thinking why Twitter. It was a pretty easy choice at that moment because Twitter has an open and easy-to-use API, but it still doesn’t make sense to limit my app to just Twitter or urge all users who are interested to be using my app to be a Twitter user as well. Hence the idea of Widgeous came about. Developers should not be making choices on behalf of their users on which channels are the best, instead users should be allowed to have access to the apps on their existing channels which they are already familiar with.

Widgeous is all about putting the control of communication back to the users and making it an ease for developers to create a multi- and cross- communication channel applications.

MYE: Where do you see this platform in the next 5 years?

Uzyn: After we are in open beta stage with an open API, Widgeous will be organizing hackathons in Malaysia and Singapore. I really cannot wait to see what interesting applications the developers in the region will be able create with the power of easily supporting multi-channels or even integration with other tools like GPS devices.

In the next few years, I envision Widgeous to be the single point of contact for all things communication, be it human-human communication or human-application communication. If one needs to know the next arriving bus timing, or to order a pizza, Widgeous would have the answer to all of those. Simply reach Widgeous with any communication device near you.

Developer/Hackaton Screenshot

Widgeous recently launched their developers network to encourage and help developers who are keen on building multi platform applications. They also have a hackaton which will end on end of September where you can stand to win some cold hard cash.

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