A Local Launch Pad for Technology Start-Ups mad venture

The Local platform for Technology Start-Ups Launchpad is coming!


A Local Launch Pad for Technology Start-Ups

Kuala Lumpur – The platform for Startup Launchpad is coming! The launching pad-event created by MAD Incubator will take place on 24th October, just about a week away.

The MAD TechVentures was initiated in 2010 with the aim to provide startups a launch pad to launch their products. The aim is to find the best new start-ups and launch them in front of the industry’s most influential, venture capitalists, corporations, fellow entrepreneurs and the press. It was conceived as part of MAD Incubator’s vision of creating new startup ventures, publicizing them and eventually nurturing them through MAD’s incubation program.

MAD TechVentures 2013 is to launch Malaysia’s Top Technology Start-ups Tech Ventures. The platform is all about tech startups and will feature startups under various categories which are, Mobile & Communications, Games & Creative Contents, Business Applications & Productivity, Community & Social Network, and Subscription & Commerce Marketplace, making it all simply a golden opportunity to showcase their products in hopes to receive venture capitals or angel investors’ attention, publicity and well-deserved awards.

A Local Launch Pad for Technology Start-Ups mad venture

The 16 Technology Start-Ups that will be competing this 24th October 2013, are:

  1. Sync Media Sdn Bhd – An academic social network – a cloud-based and interactive communication platform exclusively for schools.
  2. Aushlabs Sdn Bhd – A community marketplace for wedding. It covers everything about wedding, features various service providers, ranging from catering to wedding planners.
  3. Tapway Sdn Bhd – OneTap Event Hub – A platform for event organizations or other businesses to launch an engaging and fun event. This platform consists of an event portal, a few event kiosks (with tablets or mobile devices), a beautifully designed event app for the kiosk and Near Field Communications (NFC) wristbands.
  4. TableApp Sdn Bhd – provides a business application for fine dining restaurants and hotel merchants to organize table booking for their customers, meanwhile users also allowed to book tables and get exclusive offer by using its Birthday Dining App, a mobile application (iOS & Android) which linked with merchants.
  5. Sonovis Sdn Bhd – Mobriq, a cloud-based service for freelancers and agencies to design and generate mobile sites in an easier, quicker and cost effective way. It is optimized for multiple mobile platforms.
  6. dLoop Experience Resources – A travel portal for users to share their passions and interests with those who seek for unique experience during their travel. The system allows users to list, discover and book unique life and travel experiences and accommodation around the region – online or from mobile.
  7. Strategic CT Sdn Bhd – HomeDeco2u.com, a Malaysia-based online home decoration social community, featuring home living enlightenment and inspiration, and aiming to extend into complete social commerce platform in vertical industry.
  8. OpenRecruiters Pte Ltd – OpenRecruiters is the region’s first cloud-based recruitment platform that revolutionizes the way employers manage their recruitment vendors supply chain, acquire and retain top talents all in one place. OpenRecruiters also assists in managing the entire process (i.e. remuneration, contracts, placement, payment, etc) in an unified platform.
  9. National Advanced IPv6 Center – Energy monitoring with Virtual Power Meter System (VPMS). VPMS is an initiative towards monitoring total power consumption, thereby reducing energy costs and consumption for buildings. The ultimate goal of the system is to reduce energy costs through improved energy efficiency and energy management control.
  10. Dynamic Pivot Sdn Bhd – Adz, a digital advertising platform which utilize the lock screen of the mobile phone to display advertisements. Lease lock screens from mobile phone users (thus rewarding mobile phone users), and bundle together as a platform and offer to advertisers to advertise.
  11. MyMobileUni Sdn Bhd – MyMobileUni is a global CSR initiative. It is a FREE learning platform offering academic , lifestyle, lifelong and consumer education for those who want to learn, re-skill and up skill themselves.
  12. Internet Academy Enterprise – Provides e-Learning platform to guide entrepreneurs to learn from basic to becoming an expert in marketing online.
  13. Makerzone Sdn Bhd – Provides an online 3D printing platform to allow affordable 3D printing in an effective way.
  14. ProfitVision Sdn Bhd – Provides a discount platform which combines promotions and loyalty program together.
  15. Joot Ventures Sdn Bhd – Joota is a social content network aims to help users to build meaningful social networks around content. A bookmarklet tool will be provided to users to choose any content on the Internet, organize it and connecting with others on same or similar content, and this is being named as “Jooting”. Joota can be utilized as a better engagement tool for branding, lead generation and sales purposes.
  16. Insight Software Sdn Bhd – “Engage” offers a solution that enables an effective social-media brand endorsement from your customer in real time. Marketers can effectively combine social-media with engaging events. Social-media objects such as company logos, videos, custom messages and app games are embedded on social postings on the customer’s Facebook without any disruption to the customer’s activities. This solution provides measurable marketing ROI via social-media reach. Detailed analytics about customer behavior and participation is captured through “Engage”.

MAD TechVentures will be held on the 24th of October 2013 on a Thursday, from 9am to 7pm, at Enterprise 4 – Auditorium, Technology Park Malaysia, Bukit Jalil. Admission is free. Registration is required to control the number of audience.

Each participating startup will need to launch and demonstrate their product / solution in order to gain the attention from venture capitalists or angel investors, gain more publicity and awards from MAD TechVentures. This is a perfect opportunity for start-ups to showcase their potential in front of their peers and potential investors who can participate the MAD TechVentures by invitation only.

They will be given 6 minutes each to launch or demonstrate, give out handouts, cards, demos or samples which are allowed during or immediately after each finalist’s launch/demo. The launch or demo is followed by four (4) minutes of Q&A by the panel of judges.

MAD TechVentures is not all about the financial rewards but the recognition these startups can get from the publicity and awareness about their technology ventures. This launching pad-event will be the premier platform to cultivate new ideas, promote innovation, identify new promising startups, create new technopreneurs and subsequently create world class startups. These finalists will be judged by the panel of industry luminaries from the MAD ecosystem such as, venture investors, corporate officers, proven entrepreneurs, and participants that will evaluate them from the onstage launch and to the overall value proposition, in order to determine the winners. The announcements will then be made at the close of the event itself.

Past MAD TechVentures winners have gone on to perform very well in getting business traction, recognition in Asia Pacific, venture capital funding and CIP500 grants. Three past winners will be featured in the forum during the MAD TechVentures.

For registration, please logon to madtechventures.com or email to [email protected] For further clarification and information of the event, please do not hesitate to contact Alice Foong at +603-8319 1751 or via email at [email protected]

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