A Chance for Malaysian Technology Entrepreneurs to Perfect Their Pitch and Go for Funding

MSC Malaysia will be organising its latest edition of the MSC Malaysia InnoTech Venture Capital (VC) Pitching on 26th and 27th June 2012. To date, the programme has brought in significant successes, with  more than 40 companies having received funding of approximately RM60 Million over the last 4 years. In view of the above, we are pleased to invite your company to participate in our forthcoming pitching session.  Appended below, is a brief snapshot of the event. 

About MSC Malaysia InnoTech

MSC Malaysia InnoTech is a platform and an opportunity for you to pitch to multiple VCs and Angel Investors  from both local and regional markets at one go.  These VCs and Angels have been carefully selected based on the following criteria :  availability of a pool of funds and their focus and willingness to invest in technology and companies that are represented in the MSC  Malaysia clusters.

In our continuous efforts to serve our MSC status companies better, we would like ensure that the selected and ready companies undergo one-on-one coaching sessions to prepare them for an impactful pitch based on our standard pitching format.

In order to facilitate this selection process, we would require all companies planning to participate in the pitch to comply with a framework that has been carefully structured to present your company in the best possible light and maximize your opportunity to receive funding.

In light of the above, we are organizing a Briefing cum Short Pitch Sessions to enable to share some best practices with you. The details as below:

Date:           8th and 9th May 2012(Tuesday & Wednesday)

Time:           9.00 am – 6.00 pm

Venue:         MSC Malaysia Cybercenter @ Plaza Sentral

Note: You are welcome to attend either of the days above.  We however, would appreciate if you could RSVP and indicate your preferred day via email.

In the event you are keen to participate:

1.    Please confirm your participation via email by 4th May 2012.

2.    Please ensure that you have all the numbers necessary to present a clear picture of your company e.g. revenues, projected revenues, burn rate, growth rate, market sector, size of market sector, size of sector that you intend to capture etc. In other words, be prepared!

3.    Please contact Izam at  [email protected]  or Pei Leng at [email protected]  by 4th May 2011.

After the above session, we will be in touch with companies that have been successfully selected.  Subsequently, the selected companies will undergo the next set of one-to-one sessions to prepare them for the InnoTech.

The session is brought to you by Plug and Play Malaysia, together with MSC Malaysia in their efforts to accelerate the growth of the Malaysian technopreneurship scene.