7 Key Features for Mobile Websites to be Effective for Businesses

With telecommunications infrastructure becoming more advanced nowadays and more people accessing the web using their mobile phones, makes mobile sites one of the fastest growing platforms in the world.

However, it’s important to know that mobile sites are not the sa Blueprint me as traditional sites. Information should be concise and easy to view for on-the-go users. Before creating a mobile site, businesses need to ask themselves, what are their mobile users looking for?

In a study by Google, by 2013 more people will be accessing the web through their mobile phone than on a desktop PC or a laptop. Here are seven features that your mobile site should provide.

1. Auto detection of mobile. Users using mobile phones to access your website, should be automatically be detected, then redirected to the mobile site that has been created specifically for mobile.

2. Simplicity. Mobile sites need to be simplified enough for users to navigate around without any difficulty. The problem for web surfing on a mobile phone is that it’s difficult for users to browse through a traditional site that isn’t optimized for mobile causing them to lose interest, as traditional sites on mobile are generally smaller and harder to navigate through.

3. Fast. Studies have shown that an average web users wouldn’t wait more than 8 seconds for a website to load. Most visitors wouldn’t grant you anything more than that. Especially, for mobile users who expects the loading time to be a shorter process.

Mobile phones have smaller screens and a slower connection speed as compared to desktop PCs or laptops. Be sure that all images or videos are to be optimized for mobile viewing. This is to provide a faster loading time for your mobile site.

4. Content Driven. Most of your mobile users would want information on the go. That’s because mobile users don’t have the time to navigate through all the content on a traditional site. So by removing unnecessary content and providing information that on-the-go users want ensures that they’ll be able to find what they are looking for immediately.

5. One touch capability. Powerful functionalities have simplified the process from which brings users from viewing a product or service they need right up to the checkout page within a matter of minutes. By reducing the process of a payment service, the steps required for customers to make a purchase.

Especially with more users looking towards mobile to making purchases online, having the purchasing process simplified and shorten, leads to higher potential sales.

6. Interactive functions. Besides just providing content, your mobile site can be interactive for your users by implementing mobile features such a Click-to-call, SMS, Email, Store locator and Photo gallery. By having all these features available, it helps enhance the user’s experience and also not to mention, providing key information that on-the-go users look out for when using a mobile phone.

7. Social Reach. With mobile users actively on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, mobile sites should incorporate the features of connecting you to such social medias as well. Essentially, this allows users to help spread businesses to their family and friends. Doing so, this drives the reach of businesses to a larger group of target audience.

As mobile sites are becoming the newest marketing channel for businesses in reaching out to their mobile customers, by harnessing the potential of going mobile, businesses around the world can gain a competitive mobile advantage over their competitors.

### Special thanks to Derek Ang, the Entrepreneur behind Morces and a leading industry player in the mobile space for sharing his thoughts in the article for Entrepreneurs.my ###

Morces is a company that helps small medium businesses go mobile, with a mission to help businesses increase the level of interactivity with their customers through mobile technology. The company has mobilized over 500 + sites with clients spanned from charity organizations to small medium businesses all over the world. Mobilization with Morces is a simple and straightforward process and businesses can go mobile professionally within 24 hours with Morces premium plan.

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